"Proud Hooker" Enamel Pin

Have you seen the new enamel pin trend? It's sure hard to miss if you browse around social media! Adorn your project bag, purse, jacket (or anything really!) with this super cute "Proud Hooker" enamel pin custom designed by Kelsey from Honey and the Hive! These collaboration pins are definite must-haves!

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Namaste At Home Cardigan Finger Knitting Pattern

Using the new Loopity Loops and Bernat Maker EZ yarns, I’m so excited to have a legitimate reason to never leave the house. I mean, who DOESN’T want to be cozied up in this coziness all flipping day?! The Namaste At Home Cardigan finger knitting pattern is the perfect project because of the relaxation of working with these particular products. Once finished, you now have the ultimate Maker getup for all of the creating you’re about to do. Perfect DIY project!

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Evangeline Cardigan Crochet Pattern

We all love those cozy cardigans to slip on during those chilly days (or for those places with TOO good air conditioning..), so why not make your own?! Combining different textures, colors and materials, this piece is definitely a fun one to make! The Evangeline Cardigan crochet pattern is such a fun DIY project!

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