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Shannon Eckler is a crochet designer and fiber artist in Syracuse, NY. Crochet started as a hobby for Shannon, but has now become a passion. Shannon’s inspiration comes from texture, beautiful fiber, and earth toned colors. Shannon loves to design cool crochet garments that are simple to make, inspired by her own personal style, and are oh so cozy & cute! Shannon has found an artist outlet in crochet, creating Yarn Bombs in her city that express her imagination and spirit, and continues to pursue her artistic talents.

Wren Crochet Beanie Pattern


I’m back again! I’m so excited to be sharing another pattern with you here on The Hook Nook Life! For those of you who may be new here, I’m Shannon, also known as @shannoncreates_, THN Dream Team Member, and Crochet Queen! Crochet was a hobby I explored at a young age, but didn’t come back to until my early twenties. I found an outlet from my anxieties with it, and really fell deeply in love with it.

When I was younger, I always felt like a black sheep. I don’t know if it was because of where I grew up, being a middle child, or just feeling a little lost and isolated. I participated in a lot of different activities, played sports, band, read books, but never felt connected or inspired. I felt self conscious the majority of my life it feels, and couldn’t find something that put me at ease. One of my favorite things growing up was being outside. We were lucky enough to have acres of land where we had bonfires, could ride motorcycles, get lost in the woods, or just sit in the sunshine. I grew up a creature of comfort, and nature, like crochet, became that for me.

I would go for walks (usually in a beanie and hoodie), sit on the trampoline on warm summer nights looking at stars, walk our dirt road to overlook the land, and could remember hearing nature. Have you just sat outside in the middle of nowhere on a summer night? It’s just so peaceful; listening to the creek behind our house, the frogs, the bugs, and the weed blowing in the grass. I love sitting by bonfires with our friends and family, laughing and usually making s’mores. Those are some of the best memories for me and brought such happiness and peace to me at an uneasy time.

Meet the Wren Beanie! Wren was inspired by those memories and feel-good feelings. She’s your go-to, comfort item, with a knit-like look. Using The Hook Nook’s amazing “Main Squeeze” yarn, I was able to create the perfect light-weight, slouchy beanie that is so soft! Be sure to check the product list, and grab yours online at JOANN!

When doing final photoshoots, they are always inspired by the final piece so it only felt suiting to be out in my natural habitat while taking photos. Big thanks to Antonio, who took all final shots of Wren!

Note: She is best worn on dirty hair days and for walks in the woods. I hope you enjoy the pattern, and I can’t wait to see your beanies!

***Note: Grab all of the materials for this project in THNLife Shop! Click here.


The Hook Nook L/6.5mm Crochet Hook (Interchangeable Hook Set recommended!)

The Hook Nook “Main Squeeze" Yarn/Worsted (4). One skein, about 100-173 yds

Color pictured: Multigrain

Yarn Needle

Measuring Tape and Scissors can be found in The Hook Nook Notions Kit


Ch: Chain

SC: Single Crochet

CS: Camel Stitch

SS: Slip Stitch

MC: Main Color


*Note: This pattern is written for a classic fit, and has zero ease when it comes to the standard sizes. There are instructions within the pattern to help make your Wren beanie unique to you and your style; allowing either a skull cap fit or slouchy fit!


Please create a 4”x 4” square swatch using the pattern as indicated and special stitch. It should be 8 stitches by 9 rows with your 6.5mm hook, and adjust accordingly if needed. Note: If you crochet tight, you will most likely need to go up in size, that is why interchangeable hook set is recommended.


For this pattern you will be utilizing SS to create a knit-like texture. However, this SS will be placed in the “Camel Stitch” (Check out the video tutorial on my IG to see!)

The CS in this pattern is where you will insert your hook in the loop under your front and back loop and then SS behind. You do not want to go through the stitch, but rather grab this loop. When doing your SS, be sure to pull your hook out parallel with the row allow for a bit more space, rather than just pulling through. This will make your next row way easier and less tight!

See below the right side of your pattern, and what your Camel Stitch will create:


Ch  33 (for skull cap fit), 41 (for slouchy fit). SC in the second loop from the hook and SC across (32, 40).

Note: It can be easy to miss a stitch with this pattern so it is important to count!

Ch 1. CS across (remember the camel stitch will be SS in the special loop!)

Ch 1. SC across in the SS that you just did in the previous row.

Ch 1. CS across.

Repeat row #3 and #4 until your piece has reached the desired length as indicated: Small:19in, Medium (Average): 20in, Large 21in, leaving a long tail.

After your beanie has reached its desired length, I highly recommend you block your piece so that the length is appropriate. Note: With this pattern the stitches can be very tight, but after blocking your piece becomes more flexible and shows it’s true length (Check video on my IG on how to wet block!)

Once blocked and dried, you will fold your piece in half with the wrong side showing, and sew your 32 or 40 stitches together.

You will take your tail that you just used to sew up the side of your beanie and weave it in between the stitches to close the top (See photos below) and then you will want to sew a + on the top to fully close

Finishing Touches

With your beanie still inside out (wrong side showing), attach yarn to the opening of the hat where seam is, and SC around.

Finish off, weave in ends… and Hello Wren!

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