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Laurie Garn is the mind and hands behind Standing Stones Yarn. She is a self proclaimed domestic warrior who lives in South West Michigan with her husband, their four children, and two German Shepherds. She jokes that she was created to create, be that crafts, recipes, or children!

Water Dancer Tunic Crochet Pattern by Laurie Garn


“Create the things you wish existed.” To me that means size inclusive period pieces with modern functionality.

I love to lose myself in a good book, movie, or television series. I found myself wishing I could bring more of that world into my day to day life. This past year I was home more than ever before, so I embraced that side of my personality. I created a whole new wardrobe. Big hats. Lots of dresses. Giant shawls. (Which are basically just socially acceptable blankets!) A hooded cape with faux fur trim. An asymmetrical tunic with attached cape. *pattern below!* And three crowns. Yes, crowns! One of which I am wearing as I write this.

In 2020 I decided that I didn’t need an excuse to wear what made me happy. I finally gave myself permission to accept my uniqueness, and to embrace it wholeheartedly. 

Life is too short to worry about what other people think. Forge a new path and do what brings you joy.


Get the full Crochet Kit to make this project by clicking right here


 I/5.5mm. Stitch Markers. Scissors. Measuring Tape. Yarn needle. Optional, The Hook Nook Iridescent Ends Weaver.



#3 DK weight yarn. I used The Hook Nook Small Stuff Yarn in Green Thumb and Blue Steel for my reference photos. Absolutely stunning stitch definition. 


XXS – 558 (14” across the shoulders)

XS – 649 (16” across the shoulders)

S – 711 (18” across the shoulders)

M – 789 (20” across the shoulders)

L – 867 (22” across the shoulders)

XL – 945 (24” across the shoulders)

XXL – 1,023 (26” across the shoulders)

*This is just a reference for yardage purposes. This piece can be made to any measurement you desire.*



13dc x 9 rows


Ch – Chain

St – Stitch

Sc – Single Crochet

Dc - Double Crochet

Fdc – Foundation Double Crochet

Dc2tog – Double Crochet 2 Stitches Together.

*I have posted a video tutorial of the special stitches and fringe tutorial at @Standing.Stones.Yarn under Reels



Decide where you want the tunic to sit on, or drape over your shoulders. Measure from one side, across the top of your shoulder behind the neck, to the other side. This will be the beginning measurement you use.

*For larger sizes, or personal preference, you may wish to decide how long you wish your final piece to be, and note that as your second measurement.*


*The Ch 2 at the beginning of the row does not count as a stitch*


*Make 2*


Row 1-

Make a Fdc to your desired measurement. Ch 2 and turn.


Row 2-

Dc into the first and into each remaining st until you reach the last 2 stitches. Dc2tog. Ch 2 and turn. 


Row 3-

Dc2tog, dc into each remaining st. Ch 2 and turn.


*You will notice that you are only decreasing on one side, keeping the other side straight.*


Repeat Rows 2 and 3 until you can place only one Dc2tog stitch, or until you reach your second noted measurement.

Garment Construction


Decide if you want your tunic to be open on the left or the right and match up both pieces.


Using your yarn needle and matching yarn, sew the inside of your tunic top together leaving a hole for your head. Sewing on the wrong side hides your seams when finished. I find 10-15 stitches sewn together on each side is usually enough to create the neck shape desired, depending upon your measurements.

Attach yarn and sc into every st around the neck opening. Slip stitch to your first sc. Fasten off.

Now try it on. Find your natural waistline and place a stitch marker on the longest side marking it. Take off and sew the two sides together from the bottom up until you reach the stitch marker.

Sew in all loose ends.


Optional Belt


Chain a length long enough to be tied around your waist, +2 ch. Sc into the second ch from hook. Sc into every stitch until you reach the end. Fasten off. Using the loose ends use your yarn needle or Ends Weaver to weave in and out of every dc st of the front of your Tunic, one row below the arm opening. Leaving equal lengths on each side to be tied behind your back underneath the Tunic.



Decide how long you wish your fringe “cape" to be.

Measuring from where you will attach the fringe down, cut two lengths of yarn at a little more than double the length you desire. Using your hook, or the optional Ends Weaver, attach fringe in the back at every row. Lay flat and trim if desired.

*I find it easier to measure the fringe if I lay my piece flat on either my table or the floor.*

Weave in any remaining loose ends you might have missed.


Congratulations, you have now completed your very own Water Dancer Tunic. Now try it on and become the heroine of your own story!

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