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Laurie Garn is the mind and hands behind Standing Stones Yarn. She is a self proclaimed domestic warrior who lives in South West Michigan with her husband, their four children, and two German Shepherds. She jokes that she was created to create, be that crafts, recipes, or children!

The Mackenzie Cowl Pattern


When I found out I had been chosen to be a featured maker on The Hook Nook Life blog I knew I wanted to honor the legacy my Grandmother's and Great Grandmother had bestowed upon me. Between the three of them my siblings and I never lacked for anything hand sewn, knit, or crocheted.

Sadly, my children won't have the opportunity to grow up with these amazing women, but I keep their memories alive by instilling the love of creating in my children.

Using my Grandmother's favorite hobbies as my inspiration, I created the Mackenzie Cowl, an adventure in mixed medium.


 - Knitting Machine (40 pin or larger) or

- I/5.5mm 16” Circular Knitting Needles, or

- Knitting Loom (40 pin or larger) and/or

- P/10mm Crochet Hook

- L/7mm Crochet Hook

- Yarn

- Knitting: #4 weight yarn (175-250 yds)

- Crochet: #4 weight yarn (180-250 yds) or #6 weight yarn (90-100 yds)

- 1 yard of fabric

- Sewing machine (or a needle for hand sewing if so desired)

- Matching Thread

- Scissors

- Measuring Tape

- Pins

- Iron


- Chain – CH

- Stitch - ST

- Double Crochet – DC

- Foundation Double Crochet – FDC

- Third Loop - TL

Special Stitches

Third Loop - Behind the Back Loop of a stitch you will find a Third Loop. This is where you will be working your stitch. (Sometimes called a camel stitch)


- You have more freedom in the width of your scarf when you choose to hand knit or crochet. If you use a knitting machine or loom make sure you start with that section first as that will determine the width of your next section.

- The “right side" of your fabric is the outside, the “wrong side" will be on the inside.

- Mix and match. Pick two of the options below and have some fun!


Yarn portion of the scarf

Hand Knitting

- Using waste yarn in a contrasting color, cast on 40-48 stitches, join in the round and knit a stockinette st for 6 rounds. Cut yarn.

- Switch to your primary color, making sure to leave a 24” tail, and continue knitting in the round until your tube reaches approximately 36” long. Cut yarn, leaving another 24” tail.

- Switch back to waste yarn, continue knitting for 6 more rounds. Cut yarn and cast off.

- Seam each end closed using either a crochet hook or your darning needle. Cut yarn and weave in ends.

Machine Knitting/Loom Knitting

- Begin by setting your knitting machine to the tube (T) setting.

- Cast on (by following your machine’s instructions) with waste yarn, knit 6 rounds and cut yarn.

- Switch to your primary color, making sure to leave a 24" tail, work approximately 160-200 rows, or until your tube reaches 36” long.

- Leaving a 24” long tail, cut yarn, switch to waste yarn, knit 6 rounds, cast off.

- Seam each end closed using either a crochet hook or your darning needle. Cut Yarn and weave in ends.


- Row 1: Using your P/10mm crochet hook, take two strands of #4 weight yarn (or one strand of #6) and make a FDC to your desired width.

- If you don’t know how to FDC, crochet a chain to your desired width, crochet an additional 2 stitches (Chain 2 does not count as a stitch) Place a DC into the 3rd stitch from hook and into every stitch across. CH 2 and turn.

- Row 2: DC into first stitch. DC into the TL across until you reach the final St. DC into the last ST. CH 2 and turn.

- Row 3+: Repeat Row 2 until you reach a length of 36”, omitting the final CH 2. Cut yarn and weave in ends

Fabric portion of scarf

- Step 1: Measure the width of your scarf. Multiply that number by 2 and add 1. Cut your fabric by that number x 36in. (36" is one yard)

- Step 2: Fold short ends down ½” so “wrong sides” are facing each other, iron, repeat on the other side.

- Step 3: Fold fabric in half (lengthwise) with the “right sides” facing each other, pin as you see necessary, and iron flat

- Step 4: Sew a 1/2” seam length wise, by hand or sewing machine.

- Step 5: Turn inside out. Take one end of your knitted/crocheted section and tuck it into one end of the fabric section. Sew along the width securing the ends together. Repeat for the other side.

Congratulations, you have completed your very own Mackenzie Cowl! Try it on and style it however you like best. I myself like to take a needle and thread and add a few discrete stitches behind the neck so I can toss it on while headed out the door, knowing that it's already perfectly styled and ready to go.

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