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Brianna has a unique and modern, yet classic design style that is sure to stand out. Her goal is to create designs that span across age groups and are easy enough for a beginner but satisfying to a seasoned maker. With her love of texture, unique shapes and stitch combinations, you will not be disappointed with your Life and Yarn Makes!

The Hook Nook Crochet Hooks


What a year! Seriously, 2019 has been more than I could have ever dreamed of! Life and Yarn has had so many amazing opportunities but one that really made me pinch myself was becoming part of THN Dream Team! When the mention of a special collaboration came up, I said a big YES before I even knew what it was! I love everything that THN is trying to do for this community and I knew whatever Jessica had up her sleeve was worth being part of! When the time came for Jessica and Jen to share with us what they had been working on, my mind was blown! As part of THN Dream Team, we weren’t just going to be designing more frequently for THN Blog, we were part of THN product launch! I couldn’t believe it and once I got my hands on all of the amazing goodies, I was speechless! It is so obvious how much of her heart Jessica put into all of these amazing supplies for makers and I couldn’t be more honored to be part of the team that gets to share them all with you!

How many times have you bought yarn because it was on sale? Let’s take it a step further...on clearance? Those clearance yarns are tricky, are they clearance because the store needs to move stock or, are they being discontinued?

A few years ago, I bought up an entire shelf of clearance store brand $5 each and I had a coupon, as usual. I had no plan for this massive amount of worsted weight, perfectly vanilla colored yarn, but it was a deal I could not pass up!

Flash forward to now and I have picked up this yarn countless times only to put it back down because I didn’t know what to do with it. Enter, The Hook Nook Hooks! Jessica created the most amazing line of hooks with such a fantastic range of sizes!

Now I am not normally one for larger hooks, give me a 5mm and some DK weight yarn any day and I’m a happy girl! Then a light bulb went off! I had this massive amount of yarn, no plan and all of these beautiful hooks to try! I wanted to create a fast project and I now had this awesome range of hook sizes! I knew I could double or even triple this worsted weight yarn and make something magical in a snap!

I was tempted, to triple or quadruple this yarn and use one of the giant hooks, but I ended up using it double stranded with an 8mm hook. I know, so bold...but for me it really is, I’m a lover of a smaller hook!

However, these hooks may have changed my mind. Jessica created two different styles of hooks. The ergonomic hooks range from 4.25mm to a 10.00mm and the oversized hooks range from a 12mm to a 35mm!

So far, I have only put the ergonomic hooks to good use! My first impression of them was that the shape was super interesting and I love the brightly colored translucent material! Once I got to working with them, I fell head over heels in love!

They are long enough that the end of the hook doesn’t dig into my palm due to my hold, which is a huge win! That interesting bulge at the front serves a purpose, at least for me! When I crochet, I like to rest my pointer finger up by the shaft of the hook and that makes the perfect landing point for my finger so it is not sliding up! This gives me way more control over the hook, which allows me to work that much faster! The mouth on these hooks is great and grabs the yarn just right! I also really love the material, it’s not just pretty, the yarn glides on it! I honestly don’t have a single complaint about these hooks!

Now, the jumbo hooks are amazing too! They’re made with the same material in fun colors and I love the weight of them! I don’t normally work with such large hooks, but when I have, they have been uncomfortable! These feel like the will be just right! They aren’t too light where the weight doesn’t match the size or too heavy where they will tire out your wrist!

I can’t wait to work with the jumbo hooks, but until then, I will keep working away on this awesome blanket using my spectacular ergonomic 8mm THN Hook! I am loving the speed I am able to work on this selfish project due to the double stranded worsted with this awesome hook! I am so excited to have this cozy blanket for the chilly weather we have been having! I think I should be able to finish it in record time!

If you haven’t already been able to get your hands on THN Hooks, or any of the other amazing accessories, I hope you do soon! You will not be disappointed! It has been so much fun to share the excitement with the rest of THN Dream Team as we have begun making projects with all of this greatness!

I can not wait to see what everyone else starts to create using these tools made for makers by a maker! You can find these The Hook Nook Crochet Hooks arriving in select JOANN stores now! Check out the entire collection and the store list right here in the is blog post. Stay tuned in to know when products are available internationally and online!

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