Laura Gushue

Laura Gushue is an embroidery artist and educator living in Toronto, Ontario with her husband Kyle and cat Prismo. She loves being able to share her passion for thread and creativity daily, and show others that they have the ability to make beautiful things. She is inspired by the delicate power of both nature and the people around her.

Stitch Along Bouquet


My name is Laura Gushue and I'm so glad you're here to stitch along with me! I started embroidering obsessively a few years ago, and since then I've been experimenting and practicing so I can share my knowledge with people who want to learn and support myself doing what I love most. I can't imagine a life without daily creativity, and I'm so glad I can share some of that passion with you! I created this pattern with just a few simple, easy-to-learn stitches so that you can make this quick and beautiful bouquet - no experience needed. If you have any questions at all, feel free to email me at

Stitch Along Bouquet Free Pattern by Laura Gushue for @thehooknook


6"x6" fabric square

4" embroidery hoop

regular needle (size 5 embroidery)

curved needle (optional but recommended)

downloadable pattern

4+ thread colours (I'm using DMC's 3768, 3770, 3032, 3787, & 08)

a little bit of patience!


Click to download patterns

Pattern 4 Inch

Pattern 5 Inch

Stitch Along Bouquet Free Pattern by Laura Gushue for @thehooknook

If you've never transferred a pattern to fabric, you can learn more here


Wagon wheel instructions

This wagon wheel technique creates such a lovely 3D rose. To start, stitch all 5 points of the star for each rose. Then, you'll want to poke a new line of thread up in the center (with all 6 strands and a curved needle if you have one), and start weaving it around the spokes of the star. Don't pull too hard - let the petals form themselves! You can find a video of this technique here.

The curved needle helps you make multiple roses side by side without picking your work apart. If you don't have access to a curved needle, then just start with the center roses and work your way out to avoid picking as much as possible.

Stitch Along Bouquet Free Pattern by Laura Gushue for @thehooknook

Satin Stitch Instructions

Satin stitch is great for filling in areas. To do this stitch, you simply lay the thread back and forth across an area to fill it. I used 3 strands for the larger leaves and 2 strands for the smaller leaves. Things can get a little tricky when you meet the curved edges of the leaves, but you can find my best tips for satin stitch here  and a video here.

Stitch Along Bouquet Free Pattern by Laura Gushue for @thehooknook

Stem Instructions

I love stem stitch for any curved lines in bouquets. For these details, I would recommend using only one strand of thread. To do stem stitch, start with a single stitch, but before you've pulled it snug, poke the needle right up in the center of the stitch you're making. Now you can pull it snug, but be careful to keep the loop that you're pulling through above the needle. As you add more of these stitches, they will pull each other into place as they wrap around each other. You can find more information and photos here.

Stitch Along Bouquet Free Pattern by Laura Gushue for @thehooknook

Finishing Your Hoop

If you've never finished a hoop before, you can learn how here!

Stitch Along Bouquet Free Pattern by Laura Gushue for @thehooknook

Thank you for stitching along with me today! I'm sure you were able to create something as beautiful and unique as you are. Sitting down with a needle and thread can be so calming and meditative, I really hope you enjoyed slowing down to stitch. If you ever have questions or requests for me, I'd love to chat all things embroidery! Email me at with any questions or inquiries.

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