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Jessica is the one woman show behind Jessica Paz Creates. She's married to her best friend, a stay at home mom of 3 girls, a coffee lover, and loves anything yarn related. She recently started a blog to share free knitting and crochet patterns, tutorials, and reviews.

Spring Blooms Pillow Pattern by Jessica Paz


Hi, I'm Jessica! I'm so excited to be featured on The Hook Nook Blog again. A little about myself. I taught myself to crochet in 2012 and to knit in 2018. In the last year, I've transitioned from selling finished items to focusing solely on designing and selling patterns. I love being able to share my patterns for free on my blog and offer the ad-free pdf too. 

Last year really threw things upside down. I'm sure a lot of you can relate. I thought being a stay home mom was about to become a little easier. Giving me a little more free time to work on new designs with my older two heading off to school. But as we all know, 2020 did not go as planned. As the new school year began we also began distance learning. My three girls are 13, 5, and 2 yrs old. With me now trying to play teacher, came very little time for myself and business. I decided to put off bigger pattern designs until things settled down.

Around the same time, I learned how important setting a schedule was. I’m normally a go with the flow kind of person. But if I wanted to get things done then I needed a schedule. It gave me the free time I needed to work and also plenty of time to spend with the girls. Taking advantage of nap time was super important. I’m also known to stay up way too late at night. With the new changes, I was able to accomplish what I wanted to. 

In November, we moved to a new town and decided to send the older two to school.

It’s been quite the adjustment for my youngest and I being the only ones home during the day but we've settled into a nice new schedule. Which is allowing me time to dive back into designing. If you've been struggling with the mom hustle or if you’re not a mom but are still struggling with all of the changes. You are not alone! You've got this! As much as I'm not a planner, setting small goals and a schedule have allowed me to get the things done I've needed to and keep everyone happy! 

Now a little about the Spring Blooms Pillow design. Summer is my favorite season. Aside from loving everything about summer, I love the transition from winter to spring. The new blooms, fresh air, and sunshine get me excited for summer. I knew my next design needed to have something to do with spring. 

Be sure to check out my blog for free patterns. You can all of my patterns on Etsy, Ravelry, and Love Crafts. You can follow me on Instagram and Facebook o keep up on my current projects.

Supply List

Needles: US 13/9mm 24-30” Circular Knitting Needles 


Stitch Markers 

Tape Measure 

Tapestry Needle 

16” x 16” square pillow form or Poly-fil 

3 - 1” buttons 

Yarn: Super Bulky (weight 6): 

Lion Brand Wool-Ease Thick & Quick 

Pillow Cover: 3-4 skeins (approx 285 yds-325yds

Duplicate Stitch Design: 

Wool Ease Thick & Quick: 45 yds 

Lion Brand Go For Faux: 64 yds


Co- cast on 

K- knit 

P- purl 

Pw- purlwise 

Rep- repeat 

Sl- slip 

St(s)- stitch(es) 

Wyib- with yarn in back 


4” x 4” = 10 sts x 14 rnds flat in stockinette stitch 

Pattern Notes

The pillow is worked flat in one piece and seamed up the sides. 

The duplicate stitch work is done before seaming the sides. 

The pillow body is written in stitch sections.

Garter stitch section

Co: 42 

Rows 1-78 or until section measures 16.5”: Sl 1st St Pw Wyib, K 40, P 1 (42 sts) 

Be sure to end on an even row (wrong side) as the odd rows are the right side. 

Stockinette Stitch section

Row 1: Sl 1st St Pw Wyib, K 40, P 1 (42 sts) 

Row 2: Sl 1st St Pw Wyib, P 41 (42 sts) 

Rep Rows 1-2 until row 61 or until piece measures 16.5”. 

Be sure to end on an odd row (right side) in this section. 

If you have more than 61 rows, you will have extra rows unworked at the top of the graph. Anything less than 61 rows and you will have to not work a few rows from the top of the graph. 

Garter Stitch Flap (starting on the wrong side) 

Row 1: Sl 1st St Pw Wyib, K 40, P 1 (42 sts) 

Rep Row 1 until section measures 7” or desired length of flap. 

End on an even row (wrong side). 

Bind off loose so your flap edge lays nice and even. 

Piece should measure approx. 41” without extra rows on the flap, or be long enough to cover the pillow form when wrapped around it.

Duplicate Stitch Notes

I prefer the duplicate stitch over carrying yarn when using multiple colors. 

I also love how the stitch is raised some. It adds more depth to your project. 

When starting the duplicate stitch be sure the flap section is at the top of your work. 

Do not count the sl st edge stitch on either side when working the graph. 

The graph is worked 40 sts wide by 61 sts high. 

I worked the graph from bottom to top, back and forth from right to left. Work it any way that is easiest for you. 

You will want to pull up a long piece of yarn when starting the duplicate stitch section. That way you won’t have to keep starting new strands and having a lot of ends to weave in. I pulled up at least a 10 yd section to start. I know it seems tedious pulling that much yarn through each stitch. I find stitching relaxing and it goes quickly once you get a rhythm going. 

Make sure your duplicate stitches are tight and uniform throughout but not so tight that you can see the stitch you are duplicating underneath. 

When carrying yarn from one stitch to one farther away be sure you leave the carried yarn tension loose so it doesn’t pull on your work.

When working with the Faux Fur yarn make sure you’re not pulling it too tight but don’t leave it too loose as well. It is a slightly finer yarn than the super bulky Wool-Ease Thick and Quick. If you pull it too tight it will not cover the stitch properly. 

After you’re done with the Faux Fur part you may have to go through and gently fluff the yarn with your needle as the fur may be caught in the stitches, taking care not to loosen the stitches. 

Duplicate Stitch Tutorial

1: Start by coming up through the bottom of the first V stitch you want to work your duplicate stitch over. 

2-3: Slide your needle behind the V that is right above the stitch you are covering.

4: Go back down through the bottom in the same space you started in. Try to keep the tension on the yarn tight so the stitch isn't too loose, but not so tight that it pulls on the stitch you’re covering. The stitch should cover the stitch underneath. Adjust the placement of the stitch now if needed. 

5:Finished duplicate stitch.

6:First row of graph completed.

Duplicate Stitch Graph

Work the stitches from any direction you like. I worked the tree from bottom up, back and forth starting right to left. I worked the faux fur from the right side of the trunk, back and forth starting from right to left.


Lay pillow cover flat with right side up. Fold bottom (garter stitch section) over the tree section. The wrong side is now facing up. If needed, use stitch markers to hold the top corners of the cover in place while seaming. Seam down each side using your preferred seaming method. I prefer the mattress stitch. It works perfect with the slip stitch edges. Fasten off, weave in ends. Flip Pillow right side out. 


You may have noticed we did not make button holes. The garter stitch is loose enough between stitches to use as button holes. 

Place your pillow form inside the cover. Make sure you line up the bottom of the pillow where the garter stitch ends and the design begins. Pull the flap over the top making sure the start of the garter stitch row is lined up across the center of the top. 

Space your three buttons out evenly checking to be sure they line up nicely with your flap. Attach to the back of the pillow cover. Button the flap through the garter stitches. 

I hope you love making The Spring Blooms Pillow as much as I do. You can follow me on Instagram and my other platforms to see my latest projects! Be sure to tag me @jessicapazcreates or use #jessicapazcreates #springbloomspillow so that I can see your pillow!

This is an original pattern from Jessica Paz Creates. Please do not reprint, repost, or sell any parts of this pattern, but feel free to link back to my blog. You are welcome to sell finished items made from this pattern but please kindly link back to my website.

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