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Hey, everyone! I’m Jessica, the founder behind The Hook Nook, and I REALLY like to make pretty things. For the last several years I’ve gone from teaching myself to crochet, to selling my makes to friends and family, to opening an Etsy shop, to pattern designing and now I am so fortunate to have worked with some of the biggest brands and companies in the fiber industry from all around the world. You can now find my own The Hook Nook brand designer crochet hooks, yarn and craft accessories at in my online shop and at various retailers!

Social Distancing & Curating For Creativity

The Hook Nook


The current times we are all facing is filled with the unknown of what to expect, the anxiety of what we should be doing and the stress of what's next. You're not alone in that feeling, far from it. During these challenging times, it can be easy to become angry, worried and scared. That's natural and a healthy part of processing this season.

However, there comes a time when you don't want to let something take so much control over you and your emotions. There comes a time when you want to take your power back and respectfully reign in the wild that is in front of you. For me, that time has come.

Just like with MANY of you, our family is learning how to make sense of this new and temporary normal. The kids are home from school for who knows how long, the grocery stores are filled with all of the people, and no toilet paper. Many of us are out of work and are having to decipher what this all means for the goals we had last week. Guys, I'm right there with you.

My beautiful and small business-filled city of Salem, Oregon has nearly been shut down. The restaurants have closed, families of 6 can't be in public together and many of my friends are small business owners who are fighting to stay afloat and figure out how to support their employees at the same time. If there was ever a time to find an outlet of peace and calm, now is that time.

When I first started crocheting, I chose to crochet for the sake of having a piece of my day that was just for ME. I wasn't "mom", or "wife" or any other hat I needed to wear. Being able to be creative was a time where I was able to just simply be present in the moment, explore what I had inside of me and heal a couple wounds in the process. I have a strong feeling that many of us need an outlet during this time and I want to invite you to pick up your crochet hook (or knitting needles or paint brush or hammer or makeup brush) and join me in carving out time to Curate For Creativity while we all get through this together.

In times when my brain just won't stop thinking and I feel incredibly overwhelmed, I love to work on "mindless" projects where my fingers can work with muscle memory and rhythm while my mind processes the complexities I'm facing. So, to help encourage each of you during this time, I wanted to share my Turning Point Triangle Scarf crochet pattern with you all again. The simple stitches, the predictable increases, the easy color changes... a perfect project for a time like this.

This is a great time work through your current yarn stash, but in the event that you are needing more supplies to keep yourself creative, I'm so proud to let you all know that JOANN Stores is offering curbside pickup options for those that purchase online and pick up at their local store. Also, for those not local to a JOANN, or are in full quarantine, they are also offering free shipping on any orders above $25 (sign up for the JOANN app on iOS or Android for more information and to shop directly) through March 31, 2020.

This is a personal blog. All editorial content and projects are intellectual property of Jessica Carey, designer of The Hook Nook. This post was sponsored by JOANN Stores but all ideas and opinions are my own.

In case you missed the original crochet along for this project, here's what you need to know:


  • 165 yds (1 skein) The Hook Nook Yummy Tweed in Cookies & Cream (Color A)
  • 130 yds (1 skein) The Hook Nook Yummy Tweed in Precious Metals (Color B)
  • 220 yds (2 skeins) The Hook Nook Yummy Tweed in Dusty Rose (Color C)
  • Size K/6.5mm The Hook Nook Designer crochet hook
  • The Hook Nook Iridescent Ends Weaver


  • CH : chain
  • HDC : half double crochet
  • HDCINC : half double crochet increase
  • st : stitch
  • sts : stitches
  • sp : space
  • Sl St : slip stitch


  1. At each color change, fasten off old color and weave in ends. Join new color to last stitch made with slip stitch.
  2. This is a top down pattern with a simple 1 row repeat that increases each row by 4 stitches. Feel free to be creative with your color changes!
  3. Feel free to use any bulky weight 5 yarn as a substitute for this project!


(Using Color A, CH 2)

  1. In 2nd CH from hook, (3 HDC, CH 3, 3 HDC). (6)
  2. CH 1, turn, HDCINC in 1st st, HDC in next two sts, (HDC, CH 3, HDC) in CH-3 sp, HDC in next two sts, HDCINC in last st. (10)

PATTERN REPEAT ROW: CH 1, turn. HDCINC in 1st st, HDC in each st to CH-3 sp, (HDC, CH 3, HDC) in CH-3 sp, HDC in each st to last st, HDCINC in last st. (increase by 4 sts)

Continue Color A for 3 more rows (5 rows total ending with 22 sts).

Color B for 2 rows (7 rows total, 30 sts).

Color C for 5 rows (12 rows total, 50 sts).

Color A for 3 rows (15 rows total, 62 sts).

Color B for 2 rows (17 rows total, 70 sts).

Color C for 5 rows (22 rows total, 90 sts).

Color A for 3 rows (25 rows total, 102 sts).

Color B for 2 rows (27 rows total, 110 sts).

Color C for 5 rows (32 rows total, 130 sts).

Color A for 3 rows (35 rows total, 142 sts).

Color B for 2 rows (37 rows total, 150 sts).

Color C for 5 rows (42 rows total, 170 sts).

Color A for 3 rows (45 rows total, 182 sts).

Color B for 3 rows (48 rows total, 194 sts).

I hope you all are able to find a few moments among the chaos to focus on your mental health and sanity. Take care of yourselves, my friends. You can't pour from an empty cup.




If you want to check out the CAL posts for this project, feel free to check out these blog posts listed below, or download the printer-friendly PDF version of this pattern in the link below! Also, don't forget to join me LIVE on Instagram today at 1pm PST / 4pm EST and be creative with me!! I’ll be working on a Turning Point Triangle Scarf in different colors, but feel free to bring anything you’re inspired to make! Click here to "follow" me on Instagram!

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