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Jessica Fishman is a preschool teacher who loves sharing her love of all things geeky and adorable through crochet. She lives in Larchmont with her husband and 35 houseplants.

Rainbow Wall Hanging Crochet Pattern


In 2010 my nephew came charging into the world and stole my heart. I wanted to create things for him that he could keep forever. Cute, quirky animals and blankets that inspired his burgeoning imagination. After just a few months I was… wait for it… “hooked” on the craft itself.

The things that inspire me to create today, are often the things I was made fun of for when I was a kid. Growing up, I always felt a bit out of place from most people around me. I was chubby with braces, and loved really geeky things. Always with a book in my hand and my mind a million miles away, I loved hanging out with my brother playing D&D, or running home to watch TGIF or Xena Warrior Princess.

At the time I was embarrassed by those things and thought I was just that weird kid. Now, I love finding strangers who want to discuss Harry Potter or the latest season of Doctor Who. With this wonderful community and craft I have come to accept the things that once made me “weird” or out of place. My curviness, my glasses or my undying love for geekdom.

Supply List

5 mm (US H) hook

20 inch long dowel 5/16 inches thick

Worsted weight yarn (see amounts below)


Tapestry needle

Stitch marker

Vanna’s Choice


Terra-cotta - 31 yards

Kelly Green - 21 yards

Electric Blue - 19yards

Electric Purple (I used this for the indigo section)- 14 yards

Dusty Purple - 7 yards

White - 32 yards

Knit Picks Brava

Canary - 26 yards

Loops and Threads Charisma

White - 40 yards


Ch(s) - chains, rep - repeat, sc - single crochet, st(s) stitch(es), pc - popcorn stitch, dc- double crochet, sl st (slip stitch), YO (yarn over)

Popcorn stitch (pc) - make 5 dcs in the same stitch, remove your hook from the last dc and insert it through both loops of the first dc. Then grab the loop from the last dc and pull through the loop of the first dc. Ch 1 to close the loop.

On my blog there is a more detailed explanation of the popcorn stitch that might be helpful to those unfamiliar with it. Once you have it down, this project will work up quickly.

On the wrong side of the hanging, you will single crochet across the row. One sc in each sc stitch and one sc in the top of the pc. Take a look below to see where I placed the stitch at the top of the pc.


6 popcorn sts x 6 rows = 4” / 10 cm

(This was the gauge I achieved, however it’s not really essential to the pattern. If gauge is slightly different the wall hanging will either be a little larger or a little smaller. This might affect the length of your dowel.)


As you work the first few rows, the piece might twist on itself. When more colors are added to the piece, it will straighten itself out. Just be sure that while you are working you are working into the correct side.

Any curling that you see on the edges will straighten out once the tassels are added.

When working the sc rows across the back of the piece, please note you will make one sc in each sc across and one sc in the top of each pc across. After finishing the row, count your sts and make sure that it matches the count on the pattern. Otherwise, your pc in the next row could be off center.

The piece is worked first and then attached to the dowel after it’s completed.


Starting with scarlet

Row 1: Ch 38, sc in the second ch, then sc across, ch 1, turn, (37 sts)

Row 2: sc, (pc, sc)* repeat across the row, ch 1, turn (18 pc sts, 19 sc sts - total of 37 sts)

Row 3: Sc across row, ch 1, turn (37 sts)

(When working the sc sts across the back of the piece, you will make one sc into each sc and one sc in the top of the PC from the previous row)

Row 4: Sc, (pc, sc)* repeat across the row, ch 1 turn (18 pc sts, 19 sc sts - total of 37 sts)

Row 5: Sc across row, on last st change to terra-cotta, ch 1, turn (37 sts)

Repeat these steps across until you finish the last loop at the other end. Then to secure your end, make sure your needle and yarn are on the back. Weave through a few of the sts. To extra secure you could tie it off with the beginning yarn. In that case, weave the beginning tail to the middle of the work, and tie off.

Optional: you can also use a clear glue on top of the yarn on the dowel if you want to be extra safe.

Hanging String

Using your H hook and your white yarn

Row 1: Ch 6, connect with sl st, ch 86, in the 6th ch from the hook, sl st

Break yarn and weave in ends. Slip the loops over the edges of the dowel. You could also use a clear glue to secure the loop on the dowel if you want.


I used scrap yarn that I had in my house. I used white yarn in a bulky weight and a worsted weight for added texture. The longest strings used were 35 inches long and then folded in half. You could make them any size you want!

To make one tassel:

Using 2 strands of bulky yarn and 2 strands of worsted weight yarn

Insert hook from the back of the tapestry to the front of the tapestry through the bottom of the PC on the ends of the tapestry.

Fold yarn in half to form a loop (now you have 8 strands) and put it over the hook and pull through a loop. YO the remaining yarn strands and pull through the loop to form a knot. Pull tightly to secure. Do this with each PC on the edge of the tapestry. There were two for each color except the bottom purple which has 6.

This Rainbow Wall Hanging could have different meanings for different people. For me, I look at it and realize that I have accepted who I am as a person and know that I have grown so much throughout my life. I hope that it inspires others to celebrate who they are and the journey that brought them to where they are now. Or just provides a little sunshine on a cloudy day.

As one of my favorite authors once said, “Today you are you, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is you-er than you.” Dr. Seuss

I will be auctioning off this wall hanging for charity over on my instagram page if you are interested, keep an eye out if you would like to bid. Donations will be given to The Born This Way Foundation which celebrates individuality and gives access to better mental wellness programs.

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