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Denise is the host of Loomahat on YouTube. She also blogs, designs patterns and in her spare time she’s always loom knitting and asking everyone around her if they want to learn. She is the wife of a very loving and handsome man, mom to two beautiful kids and a fur baby named Romeo. Her favorite day is Sunday when she gets to spend time with them.

Pyramid Stitch Cowl Loom Knitting Pattern


Hey there fellow makers! I’m Denise also known Loomahat I am super, super excited to have a loom knitting pattern featured on The Hook Nook.  I hope it will not just introduce another project to loom knitters but that it will also introduce this art that I love dearly to new people.

Since I was 5 years old I wanted to knit but couldn’t. I believe my ADD made it impossible. My older sister had tried many times, for many years with no luck. That’s why I thought it was so funny when an associate at my local JOANN store told me she could teach me how to knit a hat in five minutes. Well five minutes later I wasn’t laughing, I was knitting. My love of crafting for charity got a big boost that day and I am forever thankful.

Because of my ADD I am a big believer in visual and repetitive learning so 99% of all of my patterns include a step by step video tutorial. The intent is to help you learn at your own pace in your own space. This pattern is no exception.  

I hope you will love my Pyramid Stitch cowl and will tell me in the comment section below – because I want to hear from you LOOMA!

I live in Florida so I wanted to design a cowl that was warm but light. Although we have cool days most of the time heavy yarns are too much for our tropical breezes. Designed for worsted weight yarn this one keeps you just warm enough while looking pretty with a touch of elegance.

***Note: Grab all of the materials for this project in THNLife Shop! Click here.


All your supplies can be found at select JOANN stores or online here!

Loom:  Any Loom with at least 34 Pegs. I used The Hook Nook 41 peg in The Hook Nook Loom Kit

Yarn: Approximately 165 Yards of worsted weight, single strand. I used THN Main Squeeze in Rose Gold.

Tools:  Loom Hook (comes in The Hook Nook Loom Kit), Yarn Needle, Scissors, 6 Stitch Markers

Optional:  40 8mm Pearl Beads


k              Flat or Uwrap knit

p             purl

Finished Size

Approximately 8.5 inches in height x 20 inches in circumference

Video Tutorial

Please watch the video completely before starting the project.


  • You will knit the pattern flat and then join the cast-on and cast-off.

  • Do not slip the first stitch. Edges will have a more textured look.

  • There is three (3) repeats of the 8 stitch Pyramid pattern, plus the edges.

  • Do not substitute the eWrap for the Flat or Uwrap version of the knit stitch.

Stitch Marker Placement: Pegs (Edge 1), 6, 14, 22, (Edge 30 and 35)


Cast-on: Counter Clockwise

-> Wrap 34 pegs.

<- Flat knit 1 row.


-> Row 0: k4, p1, k24, p1, k4

<-  Row 1: k1, p4, *(p1, k7) *until the last 5, p4, k1

-> Row 2: k4, p1, k24, p1, k4

<-  Row 3: k1, p4, *(p2, k5, p1) *repeat until the last 5 stitches, p4, k1

-> Row 4: k4, p1, k24, p1, k4

<- Row 5: k1, p4, *(p3, k3, p2) *repeat until the last 5 stitches, p4, k1

-> Row 6: k4, p1, k24, p1, k4

<-  Row 7: k1, p4, *(p4, k1, p3) *repeat until the last 5 stitches, p4, k1

-> Row 8: k4, p1, k24, p1, k4

<-  Row 9: k1, p4 *(k4, p1, k3) *repeat until the last 5 stitches, p4, k1

-> Row 10: k4, p1, k24, p1, k4

<-  Row 11: k1, p4 *(k3, p3, k2) *repeat until the last 5 stitches, p4, k1

-> Row 12: k4, p1, k24, p1, k4

<-  Row 13: k1, p4 *(k2, p5, k1) *repeat until the last 5 stitches, p4, k1

-> Row 14: k4, p1, k24, p1, k4

<-  Row 15: k1, p4, *(k1, p7) *repeat until the last 5 stitches, p4, k1

-> Row 16: k4, p1, k24, p1, k4

Rows 17 - 144: Repeat rows 1-16 eight (8) more times

NOTE:  Do not cast-off. Do not tighten the loose loops

Join the Ends

Video: Click HERE

Remount the first row of stitches. These will be “stacked” over your existing loops.

Tie the working yarn from both ends of the fabric together. They should both be at the same end.

Knit-off all the pegs.

Thread a yarn needle with the working yarn.

Feed the needle from the bottom of the loop on first peg then through the top of the loop on the next peg. Alternate until you finish with all the pegs. Take all the loops off the peg. Pull on the drawstring to tighten cast-off.  Make a knot.

Optional Cast-off

If you don’t want to join the ends, you have the option to cast-off and seam the two ends. I would recommend using the super stretchy bind-off in the scenario.

Finish Pretty

Weave in the ends. Cut the excess yarn.

Block the finished project.


You can sew-on your beads. I used a low-temperature glue gun.

Loom knitting is a great and easy way to make pretty things.  Even if you never thought you could knit or if you have a family member that just can’t get it introduce them to me.   I’m almost everywhere. Check me out on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Etsy, Ravelry and most social media outlets. I love getting new fiber friends – all kinds!

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