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Rachel is a wife, mother of three, designer, and the pun master behind Cozy Nooks Designs. She loves to design home decor crochet patterns and finds herself gravitating towards the modern farmhouse vibe. A true creator at heart, she always has numerous crochet designs and home renovation projects in the works and loves to find ways to merge these two hobbies.

Our Nest Mat Crochet Pattern


Hey friends! I am Rachel from Cozy Nooks Designs, and I am honored to be on The Hook Nook Life Blog with you today. Feel free to follow me on Instagram for the upcoming giveaway and sale that is happening right now. I can’t wait to show you my fun spring mat!

Since I was a little girl, I was always side-hustling with little businesses. Whether it was friendship bracelets, pom-pom tassels, or animal bead keychains, I always had some awkward item I was trying to guilt an adult into buying. My mother saw my love for crafting (by using my hands, not concocting ways to guilt adults ;) and decided to teach me how to crochet. She taught me when I was 8, but then I forgot. I learned to knit in high school, but I forgot that, too. As an adult I retaught myself how to crochet and knit, and then *plot twist* did NOT forget. It finally stuck and Cozy Nooks Designs was born.

Lately, I find myself designing crochet patterns for home décor. Crocheting and decorating/renovating my home are two of my passions, so it feels natural to blend my two hobbies together. One day when looking around my home, I decided I needed a new entry mat, so I picked up my hook and made this Our Nest Mat. Don’t be intimidated by the colorwork! There is a chart to read which makes this an experienced beginner pattern and not as challenging as it appears.

Make sure you show your WIP pics with me by tagging @CozyNooksDesigns and use #OurNestMat on Instagram, so I can see your work!

Supply List

US I/5.5mm crochet hook

800 yards of jute – 3 ply – 2 mm

185 yards of black jute – 3 ply – 2 mm


Tapestry Needle


Approximate Finished Size:

10 Sts = 4”

33.5” x 17”

10 Rows = 4”


CH – Chain

St/Sts – Stitch/Stitches

SC – Single Crochet

MC – Main Color (Jute)

CC – Contrast Color (Black Jute)

WS – Wrong Side


There is a chart to follow, which does not include the beginning CH 35. You will be making the mat from left to right. Each column of the chart alternates between top down/bottom up.

Every block of the chart represents one SC.

You need to be familiar with how to change colors using the “yarn under technique” shown in the three pictures below. This helps hide the color change.

The first step to changing colors and using the yarn under technique is to stop in the middle of a St one St before the color change on the chart. (The last St before changing colors.)

Instead of yarning OVER and pulling through to complete the SC St, like usual, you will be yarning UNDER and pulling through. And instead of using the MC to complete the St, like usual, you will be using the CC. So, to clarify - there are two abnormalities when completing the last St before the color change on the chart. First, yarning under and second using a different color to complete the St. These two tricks help transition the color change on the chart.

Proceed to make a normal St with the CC and continue following the chart.

Carry the non-dominant yarn along when switching colors and crochet over the color not used. Gently tug the non-dominant color to minimize show-through and make sure to carry your non-dominant color on the WS.

Now that we understand how to change colors and how to use the yarn under technique, let’s begin!


Using 2 strands of MC and 2 strands of CC

CH 35 with MC

Row 1: SC 1 in 2nd CH from hook, SC 10 with MC, SC 9 with CC, SC 15 with MC, turn (34 Sts)

Row 2: CH 1, SC 11 with MC, SC 14 with CC, SC 9 with MC, turn (34 Sts)

Continue following the chart until you complete 81 rows. Fasten off CC, but do not fasten off MC.

Top Border

Using 2 strands of MC

Rows 1-5: CH 1, SC across, turn (81 Sts)

Fasten off. Weave in ends.

Bottom Border

Using 2 strands of MC, attach in the bottom left corner of mat.

Rows 1-5: CH 1, SC across, turn (81 Sts)

Do not fasten off.

Perimeter Border

Step 1: CH 1, SC up the right side of the mat (42 Sts)

Step 2: CH 1, SC across the top of the mat (81 Sts)

Step 3: CH 1, SC down the left side of mat (43 Sts)

Step 4: Ch 1, SC across bottom of mat, join to beginning CH 1 (81 Sts)

Fasten off. Weave in ends. Block mat so that it lays flat and square. You may also want to consider using rug tape or similar material to ensure it does not slide or move.

Finished! I hope you love the Our Nest Mat as much as I do. I will be having a giveaway followed by a sale for the Buffalo Plaid Mat crochet pattern, which is layered under the Our Nest Mat, so make sure you follow me on Instagram @CozyNooksDesigns for the deets.

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