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Brittani is the owner and designer behind Untitled Thoughts, a sustainably driven clothing line based in Georgia. She loves all things nature and you can often find her dabbling in new ways of bringing the outdoors in to both her home and work. Usually, she is accompanied by her cat, a hot cup of coffee, and a tried and true Netflix series!

Olive Romper Sewing Pattern


Hey everyone! I am so excited to have been invited back to The Hook Nook blog to share a new project I've been working on with you! I am not sure how hot it is in the rest of the country, but right now in Georgia, it is sweltering. As a sewist, I am currently on a mission to crafting my perfect capsule wardrobe and this heat told me that I was lacking something really important in my #slowfashion life: Linen. So I decided to create my dream romper & jumper pattern for those hot summer days where even stepping inside for some AC doesn't seem to give any sense of reprieve. Isn't that what sewing (and crafting in general) is all about? Creating those one-of-a-kind pieces to better fulfill your needs? I hope y'all enjoy!


  • 1.5 to 2 Yards Linen / Linen Blend Woven Fabric (For ROMPER)
  • 2 to 3 Yards Linen / Linen Blend Woven Fabric (For JUMPER)
  • Scissors
  • Sewing Machine
  • Thread
  • Pins
  • Iron + Ironing Board
  • Ironing Ham
  • Safety Pin or Strap Turner
  • Pattern (Click here for the pattern download)


1) Stay stitch Front & Back necklines; Repeat for Front & Back lining.

2) Sew your straps by folding them in half and stitching 1/2” from the

raw edge. Trim.

3) Turn using a safety pin or strap turner; Press

*OPTIONAL* Edge stitch your straps for added strength.

4) Sew your front bodice darts by matching up the notches and sewing to a tapered point at the end of your triangle. Do not back tack at your

end point.

5) Tie off the ends of your threads at the dart point and press darts downwards.

6) Attach your front & back bodice pieces at the side seams. Repeat with your Front & back lining pieces.

7) Baste your straps to the front and back bodice pieces.


8) Sew your front crotch pieces together followed by your back crotch pieces. Finish seams with your preferred method (i.e. zig zag, pinked, serger, etc.)

9) Sew your front and back shorts / pants pieces together at the side seams. Finish seams with your preferred method.

10) Line up your Front & Back crotch seams at the inner legs; sew the inner legs together starting at one hem and completing at the other. Finish seams with your preferred method.

11) Attach your bodice to your shorts/ pants by placing right sides of each piece together at the waist; Iron your waist seams upwards.

12) You can now try on your romper/ jumper and adjust your straps if needed!


13) With right sides together, attach your bodice lining to your Bodice front.

14) Clip around the curves, at strap points, and at CF/CB points.

15) Understitch as far as you can along the necklines and underarms.

16) Iron the bottom edge of your lining hem up by ½”

17) Pin your lining at the waist and stitch together from the lining side (Don’t worry about how your stitching may look in the front- it will be covered by the waist tie!)


17) Finish the edges of your waist tie cover in your preferred method; iron both ends in by 1/2” and sew down.

18) Attach your waist tie cover together at the CB seam; Press your seams open.

19) Now iron the long edges of your tie cover by 1/2”; Pin your tie cover around the waist seam of your romper/ jumper matching the CB Seams (the front of the tie cover will NOT match to the CF of the bodice); Sew down edges of your waist tie cover leaving the front ends open for your tie to fit through.

20) Attach your waist tie together at the CB seam; Press your seams open.

20) Sew your waist tie by folding in half and stitching 1/2” from the raw edge.

20) Turn using a safety pin or strap turner; Press

21) Pull the waist tie through the waist tie cover using a safety pin; finish the ends of your ties off by either tying them in knots or turning them under and stitching.


22) Last but not least, let’s hem your shorts/ pants! Turn hem up 1/2”, pressing, then turning up 1/2” again and stitching close to hem’s edge.

27) *OPTIONAL* If you’d like to add a cuff to your shorts / pants, simply turn up the bottom of your hem 2” and then again another 2”. Tack your cuff into place at the crotch seam, side seams, and center front & back of the cuff.

28) Enjoy your new Olive Romper / Jumper!

I hope you all enjoyed sewing up this comfy, roomy play suit as much as I did. I swear I am going to be living in this romper all. The. Time! I’d love see your own end result of your romper / jumper (whichever you decide to pursue!)  Feel free to tag me @untitledthoughts on Instagram with your makes or use #OLIVEROMPER. You can find more of my patterns, designs, dyeing shenanigans, and attempts at living a zero waste life on my blog and website!

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