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Taylor is the designer and blogger behind Taylor Lynn Crochet. You can often find her working on her computer and new patterns in her craft room closely watched by her two golden retrievers. She loves doing market setup tutorials and helping other makers with their businesses is her passion.

Meadow Tie Top Bralette Crochet Pattern


Hey everyone! I am Taylor, of Taylor Lynn Crochet, and I am so ecstatic to be here on The Hook Nook Blog with you. Jessica is one of the first people I started following when I decided I wanted to try my hand at designing crochet patterns. For those of you who don't know me, I started my blog Taylor Lynn Crochet back in February of 2017. When I started my blog, I had just finally mastered making a square half double crochet washcloth. That was literally the only thing I knew how to make. A few weeks later I had designed my first towel topper pattern after searching YouTube for hours trying to find a good tutorial for beginners to no avail. That video I made using my iPhone in the corner in my room has almost 100k views.

Why am I telling you this? Because I want you to see that you don't have to know everything about a topic to be able to teach others about it. You just have to know more than someone else. That tutorial has led to over 30 pattern designs ranging from home decor to wearables. I believe that there is room for everyone in our niche community and if you have been thinking about starting a blog or designing a pattern, I triple dog dare you to go for it. Jump in with both feet and let this community show you how much value you can add to it!

A little more about me, I am a mom dog of two senior golden retrievers whom you will constantly see popping up in my Instagram stories. If you want to see my dogs, behind the scenes in my messy craft room (I wish I was one of those people whose home was always spotless but I was made messy!), or any new upcoming designs or harebrained schemes definitely give me a follow on Instagram. That is my most widely used social media platform. If you ever want to talk yarn, blogging, designing, or dogs please don't hesitate to shoot me a DM. Enough about me, let's get onto this pattern I have been dying to share with you all!

Supply List

Hooks - 5.0mm / US H/8

Other    - Stitch marker

- Yarn Needle

- 4 to 5 Buttons (1/2" to 3/4" in size)

Exclusive Hobby Lobby "I This Love Yarn" - Warm Blush, 250 yds (most weight 4 cottons will work as a substitute)



ST - stich

CH - chain

HDC - half double crochet

BLOHDC - back loop only hdc

FLOHDC - front loop only hdc

HDC2tog - half double crochet two together


4” x 4” = 14 sts x 10 rows HDC BLO


This top is worked from the bottom up.

Tie Front


S: Ch 123| M: CH 130 | L: CH 151 | XL: CH 158


Row 1: SC in second ST. Then HDC in each ch across. End with a SC in last CH. Tie off.


Add a stitch marker 18 stitches in from both ends.

Row 2: Tie on at the stitch marker at one end and CH 2. Make 2 HDC in that same stitch. BLOHDC across. Stop at the second stitch marker and make 2 HDC in that stitch. CH 2 and turn.

Row 3: Make 2 HDC in the first st. BLOHDC across. End row with 2 HDC in last st. CH 2 and turn.

Row 4: repeat row 3.

- (S/M) Row 5 - 13: BLOHDC in each st across. CH 2 and turn.

- (L/XL) Row 5 - 17: BLOHDC in each st across. CH 2 and turn.

If you wish to make the top longer, repeat the row above as many times as you’d like

Next Row: BLOHDC in the next  - S: 19 STs |M: 21 STs |L: 23 STs |XL: 25 STs - . CH 2 and turn.

Next Row: HDC 2tog. Then BLOHDC across. CH 2 and turn.

Next Row: BLOHDC across. At the end of the row HDC2tog the last 2 stitches. CH 2 and turn.

Remained tied on to complete strap for this side. We will come back and finish the second side after.


Strap Row 1: HDC in the next 3 STs. CH 2 and turn.

Repeat Strap Row 1 a total of - S/M: 23 times | L/XL: 25 times -

Count (S: 15 STs |M: 18 STs |L: 23 STs |XL: 25 STs) away from where you stopped and turned on - S/M: Row 13 |L/XL: Row 17 - . Attach the strap using slip stitches to the back of the top in that same ST and across the next 2 STs. Refer to picture below for clarity.

Tie off and weave in ends.

Tie onto the other side of the top to finish second strap.

Next Row: FLOHDC in the next  - S: 19 STs |M: 21 STs |L: 23 STs |XL: 25 STs - . CH 2 and turn.

Next Row: HDC 2tog. Then FLOHDC across. CH 2 and turn.

Next Row: FLOHDC across. At the end of the row HDC2tog the last 2 stitches. CH 2 and turn.

Repeat the same steps you did in Step 3 for the straps on the other side of the top.

Adding Buttons

I used 4 buttons roughly ¾” in size. You may choose to add additional buttons depending on your spacing preference between buttons and to account for any additional length added.Almost any type of button will work in this top as long as it can slide between the spacing of 2 HDC stitches.

I wouldn’t go any larger than the ¾” button size and no smaller than ½” to ensure the top will be securely fastened.

Using a needle and thread, attach buttons evenly spaced along one side of the front of the top. Make sure the right side is facing up when attaching the buttons.

Now you have your very own Meadow Tie Top Bralette and I cannot wait to see you rock it all summer long! It was so fun sharing this pattern with you all and I hope we can stay friends over on my Instagram. If you want to see more free crochet patterns from me, check out my blog.

I have tons of cute summer tops like this one, sweaters, and home decor patterns throughout my blog. I also do a lot of craft market setup videos and vlogs on my YouTube channel if you've been curious about trying markets or just need some setup ideas. Thanks for letting me hang out with you here on THN Blog, until next time...

XOXO Taylor

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