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Shannon Eckler is a crochet designer and fiber artist in Syracuse, NY. Crochet started as a hobby for Shannon, but has now become a passion. Shannon’s inspiration comes from texture, beautiful fiber, and earth toned colors. Shannon loves to design cool crochet garments that are simple to make, inspired by her own personal style, and are oh so cozy & cute! Shannon has found an artist outlet in crochet, creating Yarn Bombs in her city that express her imagination and spirit, and continues to pursue her artistic talents.

Lana Pencil Skirt Crochet Pattern


Hi everyone! It’s me, Shannon, also known as @shannoncreates_! I am back again on the blog sharing another pattern using The Hook Nook’s AMAZING yarn and I have been sooo excited to share this with you! This past year has been a whirlwind for me all about self discovery. I have learned a lot about myself which I think has been the key to finding my confidence. I was always one to be really shy behind the camera, but over the past year I feel I have blossomed. Crochet is something that I have wanted to evolve and make more fashionable. I think handmade items should not only be recognized for their beauty, but the level of craftsmanship put into them.

***Note: Grab all of the materials for this project in THNLife Shop! Click here.

By evolving my crochet, I was unknowingly evolving myself. I have felt better, and more beautiful than ever. I always felt like a hermit within my body and never understood the beauty of it. I thought being thin was in, but I’ve realized that’s not the case. Confidence is in. Being yourself is in. I wanted to design something that not only made me feel myself, but something that had everyone who made it feel amazing and a little bit sexy ;p

Meet Lana! Lana’s original inspiration came from wanting a cute skirt that I could wear to my day job, but she became more than that. Lana became something that you could not only wear to work, but become a statement piece in your wardrobe as well. She is designed with you in mind and can be made for almost ANY size! There is a standard size chart within the pattern for XS-3XL, but are instructions on how to make it custom based on your sizing! I hope you enjoy the pattern and be sure to tag me on IG, so I can see your Lana’s!!!


Lana Skirt Crochet Kit available HERE

The Hook Nook I/5.5mm Crochet Hook (I used one from the Interchangeable set!)

The Hook Nook “Main Squeeze" Yarn/Worsted (4). Varies per size. For Small: About 5 skeins, about 750 yds.

Color pictured: Marigold Fields

Yarn Needle

Measuring Tape



Ch: Chain

SC: Single Crochet

SC: Single Crochet 2 Together

SS: Slip Stitch

MC: Main Color


Note: This pattern is written for a close fit, and has zero ease when it comes to the standard sizes. This pattern is written for a skirt that results in about 20” in length and can be made for any hip size. The chart below is written for “Standard Hip Sizes”, however it is encouraged to measure your hip size so that you can make it custom for you! This pattern is body slimming and therefore is true to your hip size, therefore after measuring if you would like it extra slimming/tight, subtract 1-2 inches for stretch associated with stitch.


Please create a 4”x 4” square swatch using single crochet. It should be 12 stitches by 13 rows with your 5.5mm hook, and adjust accordingly if needed.


Body of Skirt

Ch 71. SC in the second loop from the hook and SC across (70).

[Do NOT Ch 1] SS across until the end of the row (70).

Ch 1. SC across until the end of the row (70).

Repeat step #2 & 3 until you reach your hip measurements (See sizing above, Pictured Small).

Once reached desired length, fold the piece in half with the wrong side showing, and SC to attach, ending 20 stitches before the end to create your slit. Note: If you want a shorter slit end 25-30 stitches prior.


Attach yarn to the top of the skirt at the seam. SC around until back at beginning, SS to attach.

Ch 1. SC around, SS to attach.

Ch 1. SC in the first 5 stitches, SC2Tog, then SC in the next 5 stitches. Repeat until the end of the row.

Ch 1. SC around, SS to attach.

 5.-8.  Repeat step #4 for four more rows and finish off!

Finishing Touches

Attach yarn to the bottom corner of the skirt near the slit, and SC around the bottom edge.

Optional: Create belt loops along your waistline so that you can add a belt if desired!

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