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Chenoa Wilcox is a member of THN Dream Team and the creator behind jellyKNITTING, the creative outlet where she shares her creations and publishes her patterns. When she isn’t knitting or crocheting, Chenoa is either working in a biology lab, playing with snails in hot-springs (does that even count as graduate school?), or trying to train her cats to stop stealing her yarn. Chenoa is slowly replacing all the fast-fashion pieces in her closet with hand-made knit and crochet items, from sweaters to dresses to hats and scarves.

Knitting with The Hook Nook Products


Hi everyone! I’m Chenoa, creator of jellyKNITTING  and confused but elated member of THN Dream Team.

When I was presented with the opportunity to collaborate with The Hook Nook as part of the Dream Team, I obviously said (squealed?) YES. Because seriously, what small-potatoes maker wouldn’t? I was ecstatic to have an opportunity to gain exposure and develop my own skills. However, over the course of a few days, a lot of doubts crept in.

As a budding designer, especially one focused mainly on knitting, I felt a bit out of place. Do I really have what it takes to do this? How was I going to meaningfully contribute to the Dream Team and to THN? What exactly was I doing on this amazing team of crocheters? I mean, my other team members are all utter superstars: Erin (@ekaygdesigns) crochets the most beautiful toys with an unbelievable attention to detail, Shannon (@shannoncreates_) constructs stunningly unique crochet garments that are truly jaw-dropping, and Brianna (@lifeandyarn) has amazing garments, accessories, and more in her repertoire. I was left a little stumped, trying to puzzle out where exactly I fit into this group of amazing women.

To be perfectly honest, I am diving in head first and am ready to knit-test everything from the absolutely amazing new The Hook Nook product line, because it’s not just for crocheters!

Jessica has released a truly incredible collection of (predominantly) crochet accessories that will be available soon, if not already, at select Joann retail stores. I want to tell you about my absolute favorite component - one that is arguably even more amazing for knitters than crocheters: the stitch markers.

If you’re anything like me, you probably have loose stitch markers under every piece of furniture in your house. They just seem to sprout legs and walk away when I’m not looking! So, when I opened my box of goodies and saw these glorious, golden, hexagonal markers, my heart skipped a beat. They were so beautiful, even just to look at, and I immediately had to try them.

First of all, let’s talk about how these markers are intended to work, both for knit and crochet. These golden metal markers have one side of the hexagon that isn’t closed. This is where you would be able to slip it over your yarn, like you may do with a locking stitch marker already. But, unless you work with very small fibers, the opening is probably not quite wide enough straight out of the package. The key is to tug the hexagons apart far enough to slip around favorite yarns, but leaving the opening as small as possible so it stays nice and snug.

Because the metal is stiff, the stitch marker holds whatever shape you bend it to extremely well. However, I do recommend you use a tool to open them up (pliers, or you can even insert the tip of a pair of strong scissors)! Once they’re opened up a bit, they are ready for use. Simply slip them around one of your stitches, and it holds on really nicely. This way, the hexagons are great for marking rows or stitches in knitting as well as crochet.

But...what about knitting? My first thought was, if I didn’t open up the markers, they would make an amazing stitch or round marker for slipping onto knitting needles. And boy was I right.

These have quickly become my favorite stitch marker for knitting. Fitting easily up to 6.5mm needles, the markers aren’t bulky like latching plastic markers can be. They are extremely light and small, and I almost don’t notice them at all when knitting. They don’t fall off (something I can’t say about some of the latching markers I have), and they look absolutely stunning on your work. I really like to use wooden needles, and sometimes metal stitch markers can damage those if you are knitting aggressively - but not these markers.

On top of being a beautiful and useful tool for knit and crochet, the packaging is absolutely stunning. The hexagonal markers come in a hexagonal container, with a beautiful golden rose on the lid.

In a gorgeous matched set, the golden bent-tip darning needles in The Hook Nook’s product collection come in a container identical to the stitch markers. These needles, with two sizes provided in the pack, will make weaving in ends a dream ( pleasant as possible haha). I find that the bent tip allows more precision when weaving in ends and seaming. Given that weaving in ends and seaming are my least favorite parts of projects, anything to make the process more bearable is a win in my book!

In short, the collection Jessica has created is nothing shy of stunning. Although there are lots of hooks and amazing crochet accessories, many of the tools are perfect for knitters and crocheters alike. These stitch markers have been used by me literally every single day since I received them, and I don’t think I will ever stop!

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