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How to Display and Decorate Your Home Using Your Threadwork



Whether you’re just getting into your craft or you’re a seasoned creator, finding new and creative ways to decorate your home with your threadwork can feel next to impossible. Your beautiful handmade pieces are works of art worthy of display, so we’ve asked experts, from Atlanta to Portland, to share their best tips on how to decorate with textiles and fabrics to bring personality and warmth into your home.

Display your work in a gallery wall

Designing fun, bold, and vibrant textile artwork is my job, but having it displayed all around me as I work, lifts my mood and inspires creativity. Textile art is warm and tactile so I prefer not to put it behind glass. Instead, I hang it on removable clips in a gallery style layout. – The Crafty Nomad

Decorate your home with quilts for added warmth

Quilts and threadwork of all kinds can add a touch of warmth and texture to your home. Quilts aren’t just for bed coverings, they can be an attractive addition draped over a chair or a special accent hanging on a wall. Try rolling quilts up and displaying them in a large basket or antique box, or fold your quilt and display it on a shelf or bookcase. And, a beautiful antique quilt can also be a show-stopper used as a table covering. – Quilter’s Corner

Work with a professional to bring your vision to life

Want to outshine the sun? Let a design guru match fabrics to inspirations and decorate your home personalized to you. There are thousands of decorative and functional ways to display your threadwork in your home, so get creative – your house is your throne. – Fabrics That Go

Add detailing or create large statement pieces  

The best accessory to decorate your home is a hand-knit or crocheted item. It will instantly bring warmth and add a unique heirloom quality to the room that will hold memories and can be passed from one generation to the next. Chic throws for the couch, modern baby blankets, decorative pillows, and functional hand towels for the kitchen are just a few examples of patterns for you to create for yourself or a loved one. Infuse well wishes with each stitch as you’re making these special items and they will be treasured for years to come.  – Two of Wands

Try showcasing your art in unexpected places

Use embroidery to create a moment of interest and intrigue. Modern hand embroidery is detailed, textural, colorful, and inspiring. Displaying threadwork in unexpected places such as part of a gallery wall, in between windows, or on a bookshelf, encourages your guests to take a closer look, start a conversation, and develop an appreciation of the handmade. – M Creative J

Express yourself through your decor

Like your threadwork, your home is an extension of you and it should represent how you feel. Displaying any bit of your own threadwork on the walls or table pieces is a great way to decorate your home and showcase to guests who you are right off the bat. Self-expression is the best decoration and using your threadwork can be a great centerpiece since it’s coming from you. – Yarn Punk

Personalize with monogrammed pieces

One of the easiest ways to spruce up your home is to add a decorative monogram to a pillow or even a piece of furniture. Pillow shams are super easy to make and can be easily personalized with an embroidery machine. I’ve made elegant monogrammed pillow shams for our guest room, and casual and funky ones for my teenage daughter’s room.  – Machine Embroidery Geek

Look for opportunities to display your art

Your home is a personal representation of who you and your family are, and there are so many opportunities to decorate your home and create beautiful little areas within your home with embroidery. That little nook in your hallway may be the perfect spot for a wall hanging, your end table may be calling out for the perfect set of personalized coasters, or you can also dress up your dining table with a beautiful table runner. There are so many spaces within your abode that offer an opportunity to make something beautiful and personal with embroidery designs. – Tattered Stich Embroideries

Enhance your practical, everyday items

Elevate everyday textiles in your home with beginner-friendly, practical projects in natural fibers. Potholders, coasters, and dishcloths are popular “first projects” for aspiring knitters, crocheters, and weavers. Tie all of them together by using the same 100% cotton fiber for a cozy, handmade home. – The Snugglery

Get creative and stitch your everyday home decor

Ditch tired and boring photos of family portraits. Instead, stitch fun and quirky family portraits. – Stitch People

Use your creativity and test the boundaries

First off, your home, your rules. I love to decorate using different textures such as wool, cotton, leather, metallic, wood grain, and more to really create a space that feels like my home. Everyone wants a nice-looking home, but few people are willing to really test the boundaries and create a home that is as unique as they are. – The Hook Nook Life

Look for eco-friendly and organic materials

Decorating your home with textiles and fiber art is the quickest way to give your walls some texture. Find companies that also focus on reclaimed materials so that you have a home that is eco-friendly. Look for organic lines and don’t be afraid to go big. Fill out that wall and hit it with some color. This is all about making a statement. – Darn Good Yarn

Keep in mind what your artwork will be used for

I often use yarn to decorate my home, since that is the medium I most often work with. My advice would be to consider the fiber content you are using to make sure it is compatible with its intended use. If crocheting a throw blanket or pillow cover for your couch, you might want to use a fiber that is machine washable, and soft against the skin. Whereas if it’s being used for a tapestry hanging or wall art, you can use a wider variety of materials. – Sincerely Pam

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