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Noorain is the knit and Tunisian crochet designer behind Noor’s Knits. She is a Canadian and originally from Hyderabad, India. She lives in Cleveland, OH with her husband and four-year-old son. He is her inspiration for most of her designs. She has over 40 patterns for moms and children in her shops.

Fuzzy Mustache Pillow Tunisian Crochet Pattern by Noorain Nizami


Hi! I’m Noorain, the maker and Tunisian crochet and knit designer behind Noor’s Knits. I learned to crochet back in 2011. My aunt actually taught me the basics of knitting in 2010 and then I went on YouTube and learned more stitches and techniques. In the beginning, I had a hard time grasping crochet but I eventually got it and I’m so glad! My family and friends eventually encouraged me to start a business after seeing my passion for crafting. So I opened up my Etsy shop to sell finished items in 2017. I had no idea it would open up such a big world of possibilities.

Honestly, it was my awareness and a newfound love for the community of designers I found on here that inspired me to start designing and blogging. I had no idea prior to coming on Instagram that this amazing world of designers even existed.  I started my blog back in 2018 on my birthday! I can’t believe it has been 2 years already! I offer free and paid Tunisian crochet and knit designs for kids and moms and occasionally some home decor designs. My Honeycomb Kitchen Set was published in the June 2020 issue of Happily Hooked Magazine and is now my most popular design on Etsy!  Aside from designing my own patterns, I also like to support fellow BIPOC designers and moms who design. I have a designated area on my blog where I share interviews/features. I also share tutorials on YouTube, mostly for Tunisian crochet and knitting stitches/techniques. 

I think right now I am pretty obsessed with Tunisian crochet and I just can't seem to stop designing things in this craft! I do have the occasional knitting pattern I release but those are mostly beginner-friendly and mindless projects. I think for me it’s all about seeing those little ones wearing or loving something I designed. It just melts my heart and makes me smile so big!  Check out my blog for free patterns and more. I have finished items and newly released Tunisian crochet kits in my Etsy shop.  You can find my patterns on Etsy, Ravelry, and LoveCrafts. Sign up for my newsletter to stay updated when I release new patterns and have promos going on! Follow me on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest. Check out my YouTube channel for Tunisian crochet and knitting tutorials. You can find all of my currents links at .   

Supply List


Main Color (MC): Knit Picks Fable Fur in Bjern 426 yards (Size 6 Super Bulky yarn;  100 g,  71 yd;  100% polyester) 

Contrast Color (CC) : Knit Picks Fable Fur in Oso 142 yards (Size 6 Super Bulky yarn;  100 g,  71 yd;  100% polyester)



M13 9.0 mm Tunisian crochet with a 24 in. cord


Yarn needle


Measuring tape

3 x 1 in. buttons

Cotton thread

Sewing needle

8 locking stitch markers

18 x 18 in. pillow insert or polyfil

48 in. strand of contrasting color yarn (not fur yarn)


Ch: Chain

MC: Main Color

CC: Contrast Color

Tss: Tunisian simple stitch

RetP: Return Pass -Explained above

Tbo: Tunisian Bind Off



12 sts over 8 rows in Tunisian simple stitch for a 5 x 5 in. square with Fable Fur yarn using 9.0 mm hook.

Finished Size

The finished size of the piece laid flat before sewing is approximately 19 x 37.5. and is 19 x 18.75 in. doubled over and laid flat without insert/polyfil and 20 x 20 in. with 40 in. Circumference with polyfil/insert 

Pattern Notes

This pattern is for a fun Tunisian crochet colorwork nursery/kids pillow featuring a fuzzy mustache. It’s the perfect pillow to add a chic cozy touch to your little one’s room! 

This pattern uses a few Tunisian crochet techniques. Use the following video tutorials as needed:

Foundation Row, Tunisian simple stitch

How to Bind off in Tunisian Crochet  

How to Tunisian crochet with fur yarn

Pattern rows are Forward pass instructions.

The following instructions are implied: 

The loop already on the hook at the beginning of the row counts as the first st. 

Always Tunisian simple stitch in the last st of the row, being sure to work under both loops of the st.

Return Pass: Follow the foundation row and each row with the Return Pass in the same color unless a color change is needed.

Return Pass Instructions: Ch 1, *yarn over, pull through two loops; repeat from * until 1 loop remains on the hook.

Important Notes while working with fur yarn: 

It’s important to feel for the stitches and make sure you count stitches after every row to make sure you don’t lose any stitches. It may help to have a contrasting color yarn woven through the stitches to help you see where each stitch is. Refer to the video tutorial linked above or check out the step-by-step photo tutorial here.

The gauge may vary due to the nature of working with fur yarn so it’s preferable to use polyfil for stuffing or purchase the pillow insert after having completed the project to ensure a proper fit.

Note for left-handed crocheters: you would need to follow the written instructions backward, and follow the chart from left to right instead of right to left


Skill Level: Intermediate 

Ch 45 

Row 1 (Foundation Row): With MC pick up a loop in the back bump of each chain. Complete normal RetP. (45 sts). Place a stitch marker in the first st and place another stitch marker in the last st.

Rows 2 to 15: Tss across. (45 sts)

Place stitch marker on first and last st in row 15 (this marks where to fold for the bottom flap)

Rows 16 to 25: Tss across (45 sts)

Check gauge and count stitches. You should have 45 sts and your gauge should remain the same.

Follow the color chart below for the colorwork part as written below.

Row 26: (MC) x 15, (CC) x 3, (MC) x 9, (CC) x 3, (MC) x 15  (45 sts)

Row 27: (MC) x 14, (CC) x 5, (MC) x 7, (CC) x 5, (MC) x 14  (45 sts)

Row 28: (MC) x 12, (CC) x 9, (MC) x 3, (CC) x 9, (MC) x 12  (45 sts)

Row 29: (MC) x 11, (CC) x 11, (MC) x 1, (CC) x 11, (MC) x 11  (45 sts)

Row 30: (MC) x 11, (CC) x 1, (MC) x 2, (CC) x 17, (MC) x 2, (CC) x 1, (MC) x 11  (45 sts)

Row 31: (MC) x 15, (CC) x 15, MC x 15  (45 sts)

Row 32: (MC) x 16, (CC) x 6, (MC) x 1, (CC) x 6, (MC) x 16  (45 sts)

Row 33: (MC) x 18, (CC) x 2, (MC) x 5, (CC) x 2, (MC) x 18  (45 sts)

Check gauge and count stitches. You should have 45 sts and your gauge should remain the same.

Rows 34 to 43: Tss across (45 sts)

Place st marker on first and last st in row 43 (this marks where to fold for the top flap)

Rows 44 to 59: Tss across (45 sts)

Place st marker on first and last st in row 59 (this marks the beginning of the overlap between the top and bottom flap) 

Rows 60 to 61: Tss across (45 sts)

Do not bind off, leave a 6 in. tail and weave in all loose ends.

Fold piece at the stitch markers that signify the top and bottom flaps with the top flap overlapping the bottom flap starting at the stitch markers at row 59 (approximately 2 in. overlap as seen below). With the mustache right side up and centered, align the bottom of the top flap (row 61) with the bottom flap (foundation row). Refer to the picture below.

Place buttons accordingly and sew onto the bottom flap as shown below.

Sew buttons onto foundation row as shown (bottom flap) (from right to left) 1 in. above the edge and 6 in. apart. The outside buttons should be approximately 1 in. from the side edges.

Feel for the open chain spaces on the top flap and pull buttons through to close.

Take a 40 in. tail of MC yarn, sew along the edges, once you get to the corner, weave in the remaining yarn tail into the wrong side of the pillow. Repeat on the other side.

Open the flaps and insert pillow form or polyfil and feel for the open chain spaces on the top flap and pull buttons through to close.

You are done! Have any questions? The best way to reach me is via email:

Share your finished pillow with me on social media using the hashtag #fuzzymustachepillow for a chance to be featured!

Instagram @noorsknits Facebook @noorsknits1

This is an original pattern from Noor’s Knits, ©2020. Please do not reprint, repost, or sell any parts of this pattern, but feel free to link back to my blog. You are welcome to sell finished items made from this pattern but please kindly link back to my website. Send questions to

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