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Hey, everyone! I’m Jessica, the founder behind The Hook Nook, and I REALLY like to make pretty things. For the last several years I’ve gone from teaching myself to crochet, to selling my makes to friends and family, to opening an Etsy shop, to pattern designing and now I am so fortunate to have worked with some of the biggest brands and companies in the fiber industry from all around the world. You can now find my own The Hook Nook brand designer crochet hooks, yarn and craft accessories at in my online shop and at various retailers!

Furls Crochet : Are They Really That Great?


Alright, alright.. You’ve seen me share countless photos with Furls Crochet hooks making an appearance. You’ve seen me mention this brand in my Instagram stories, and even in some interviews! Now.. Let’s talk about WHY this brand is the only product I have chosen to be exclusive with. Believe me, after this post you’ll be feeling the same way. 

I’ve broken down the different aspects of these hooks so we could talk about every single little thing about this wonderful company and how they are truly changing the crochet game, one hook at a time. Let’s do this!

This post may contain affiliate links. All ideas and opinions are my own genuine and true feelings.

Furls Maker Story

We’ve all heard of Furls Crochet, but what about who they are and how they got started? Just like most of us, Furls has a very humble Maker story. Harrison Richards, the founder and president first began making hooks in high school for his girlfriend. Harrison was a crocheter throughout middle and high school and decided to really make something special for his love. Seeing her become frustrated from wrist and hand pain from crocheting “too much”, he went home and using a Swiss army knife to carve her a custom-made hook out of a tree branch that would hopefully ease up her discomfort as well as to show her how much he cared for her (how freaking sweet is that?!).

Time passed, as well as many handmade wooden prototypes he gifted to his girlfriend, he soon found himself busy with orders from her friends for these hooks. After graduation, they split ways when he went to college in the UK (where he was originally from). When he returned to the states, he couldn’t shake the idea of turning Furls into a legitimate business to see the potential it could have. He thoroughly enjoyed seeing how much crocheters appreciated these intentional hooks. 

He worked with many different people and spent many months designing different shapes, and finally landed on something that truly fit the hand and allowed for quality, and healthy crocheting. Moving forward with this design, Furls came out with their Alpha series and Candy Shop hooks, and then soon their Odyssey. Today they have added more products as well as materials, to their line up and, in my own personal opinion, are rightfully the most luxurious and wholesome crochet products on the market. Hands down.

Aesthetic & Shape

I’m not sure we need to actually discuss the aesthetics of Furls products since we all know what I’m about to say… BUT. Let’s do it anyway.

Furls Crochet designs their hooks with not only hand health in mind, but they also place importance on the luxe factor as well. These hooks are smooth, easy to hold and use, and are honestly just some seriously sexy hooks. Yes, sexy. I’ll go there. From the sleek lines, to the shiny paint coat, it’s just plain delicious.

One of my favorite things about these hooks is the actual hook shape. Prior to using Furls, I was an inline hook fan (see photo below) because, for me, I found this style ‘grabbed’ the yarn really well. When I used tapered hooks, I found that my yarn would often fall off the hook when completing my stitches. I know many others don’t experience this, and that’s great! It may also be important to note that I learned to crochet using inline style, so that may play a factor in my preference.

The Furls hooks, I’ve found, are a wonderful marriage of these two styles, but even more than that. Their hooks are beautifully designed to grab the yarn but also uses a loose enough hold in the throat so that the stitch can be worked quickly and efficiently without having to turn your hook that extra bit for the stitch to ‘let go’ effortlessly. On the flip side, this detail also allows tapered hook fans their tried and true style, but with a slightly ‘grippier’ experience that purely aides in perfecting your stitches further.

The top point of the hook is ideal for gliding into your next stitch easily, but rounded enough to not split the yarn, causing a delay as well as possibly creating a flaw in that section of the yarn. 

The shaft, however, is one of my favorite aspects of these hooks. On Furls hooks, they’ve designed them to be long and slender with a gradual tapering up towards the handle. Why is this my favorite part? Ohhhhh man. When I get in the groove, I can crochet pretty rapidly. While crocheting quickly, it can sometimes allow for tension issues and non-uniform stitches. But when I use my Furls hooks, the tapered shaft prevents uneven tension because of the gradual increase in width. While working your stitches, you (maybe unknowingly) use a good portion of the shaft to glide the yarn back and forth while completing your stitches. When using straight hooks, there is nothing holding the yarn back, allowing you to glide all over the hook which can result in larger, more loose stitches. When using Furls tapered shafts, the working stitch will stop at a certain point because the larger taper will prevent it from moving further down towards the handle. This opportunity really allows for even tension, uniform stitches and no more delays in your crafting experience.

Materials & Luxe Factor

Furls hooks are all made in a variety of materials, but all materials used are high-quality and intentionally chosen. Let’s go over each of the hook options:

  • Odyssey:
  • Odyssey hooks are made with a few different materials, depending on the particular style you are interested in. Each of these particular pieces are made with a metal-plated hook piece with the body being made of cosmetic-grade polyresin and coated in different colors of luxury car paint such as black, red, pink and purple. The hook platings can vary between nickel and 14K gold. These are definitely my favorite!
  • Alpha Series
  • These luxury wooden hooks are serious stash goals. Each of these hooks are 100% handmade in the finest wood options available and are all sourced intentionally to ensure only top quality materials are used. Wood options include: Cocobolo, Tulipwood, Blackwood, Bloodwood, Rosewood, Olivewood and Purpleheart. Each Alpha Series hook is packaged in custom-fit foam to prevent any accidents in both the shipping process as well as in storage. These could very well be treated as heirloom gifts. Truly beautiful.
  • Candy Shop:
  • These 100% cosmetic-grade polyresin hooks are seriously beautiful. With the shiny clear protective coat, these hooks are not only just plain gorgeous, but they also allow the yarn to glide on the hook so easily. With each size being a different color, you can look forward to a vibrant hook collection! Colorful things always make me so happy!
  • Streamline:
  • These hooks are the newest design by Furls Crochet and even though they may be the most affordable, they are definitely not lacking in any area. Ranging in three different woods including Camwood (blonde), Rosewood (red/brown) and Ebony (black). In addition to these choices, they currently have a limited edition option made using Padauk (pronounced pad-ook) which is a seriously beautiful red wood with pretty pink notes. Definitely snag one of these before they’re gone!
  • Limited Edition
  • Alright… Now here is where we talk about some serious luxury products. From time to time, Furls Crochet will release limited edition hooks and for those seeking a unique and spoil-worthy stash, these are the products you definitely want to keep an eye on. With materials ranging from high-end and sought after woods turned handmade hooks, to combining said wood with delicately designed acrylic combinations, these stunning art pieces are sure to be the center of the show in your hook stash. Absolutely stunning craftsmanship and intentional materials!
  • Jumbo:
  • Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past several months, there is a high chance that you’ve noticed the increase in big yarn projects all over social media. I, myself, have thoroughly enjoyed getting in on this trend and these jumbo hooks from Furls Crochet sure make the experience is extra amazing. These hooks are made with Mango, Rosewood and Ebony woods, all brilliantly coated with a clear protective layer that also allows the yarn to glide easily along the hook while working your stitches. I love using mine with unique fibers like Pure Love Alpaca from Love Fest Fibers! Now this combo is a bucket list thing.. Dream come true creative experience.


Transitioning from straight hooks to Furls Odyssey did include some getting used to the heavier weight. I’m not saying these things are anvils by any stretch of the imagination, but they do have a weightier detail than what I was using prior. The weight distribution of these hooks are 100% intentional and are not to be viewed as a flaw. With the Odyssey line of hooks, the bulk of the weight resides in the shaft and hook portion, with the handle being slightly lighter. This may not seem like that big of a deal, but guys… This is one of the things that sets Furls apart from all other hook brands. As noted on their website, “the Odyssey’s unique center of balance creates a weight differential, driving hand energy into crocheting momentum rather than hand strain.” For those that have had the opportunity to use these hooks, they will know exactly what this means. Every aspect of these hooks were designed with the objective to be the ultimately perfect hook for every crocheter. And they’ve done that.

As for the the other hook styles such as Candy Shop and the wooden options, those products are less heavy than the Odyssey. The Candy Shop hooks are a wonderful weight that are just slightly lighter than the Odyssey, but are weighted enough to also offer the drive momentum. The Alpha Series as well as the limited edition products have a great natural wood weight, while the Streamline series are, by far, the most lightweight hooks that Furls Crochet offers. With a “barely there” feel to them, they are a WONDERFUL option for those who are reluctant for the weight aspect and are a great way to introduce your hands to something new. Plus, they are the most affordable of all Furls hooks, how perfect!

Hand Health Science

I don’t know about you, but any company that can offer any kind of warranty for free for their products sure catches my attention. Furls is proud to offer a $500 hand health warranty because the shape of their hooks allows them to perfectly fit into the MCP joint found in the human hand. This provides maximum hand and wrist relaxation in all crochet grips (pencil or knife). Their streamline shape is extremely comfortable and relieves acute tension in knuckles, hands and wrists. Check out this video of Harrison Richards explaining the science behind the design further. 


Have I convinced you yet? No? Ok, let’s keep going.

Stitch Quality

As we mentioned before, the weight distribution as well as the shaft taper shape found in Furls hooks allows for even stitches, equal tension and and overall ease of use. In addition to beautiful stitches, I have found that the shape of the tip of the hook is just utterly brilliant. With it pointed enough to easily slide into your next stitch yet rounded enough to not separate the plys within a multi-ply strand of yarn, you are able to complete your stitch without fussing up the yarn. With other hooks, I experienced snagging on the yarn, or accidentally splitting the yarn, and just overall creating flaws in the yarn itself, before I even complete the stitch that may or may not even be identical the stitches beside it. Weight and shape are so important and Furls really understands that.


I have heard from others that Furls hooks are “too expensive”, or “out of my budget.” I totally get it. When you’re used to spending $2-10 on a single hook, it’s hard to swallow the idea of spending $30+. But, just with anything, quality tends to cost more. With these higher-than-commercial prices, you aren’t just paying for any old crochet hook. You are paying for the time, skill and intention that was spent on designing these hooks. You are paying for the amazing staff who are there to help you at a moment’s notice (we will talk more about this in a second). You are paying for high quality materials sourced from various places around the world that enable your hook to be a true piece of art. You are paying for comfort in knowing that you are supplying your creativity with tools that will keep you making for years to come without pain or delay. You are paying for a guarantee that your money is well worth every dollar spent. 

Like I mentioned before, Furls Crochet also recently debuted their Streamline style of hooks that are more affordable than their other options. Averaging at about $16-19 a piece (before a sale!), these lightweight hooks are a great option for those still wanting to give your wallet a break. Besides, they make FANTASTIC photo props. ;)

However, thanks to their amazing generosity, the team there has given me a special discount code for me to share with you! If or when you’d like to make an order through them, be sure to visit their website (click here!) and use code HookNook15 at checkout for 15% off. Guys, that makes their Camwood Streamline hook only $13.60 USD. Um. Score.

Customer Service

With a team focused on providing all Furls customers an amazing experience, as well as custom concierge service for all customers, Furls is just over here going above and beyond for all of us. Whether you have a question about crochet, or need a replacement hook (Furls offers a 100% money back guarantee as well as the option for a new replacement hook/product at no cost to you!), or need assistance, they are there to help. Click here to see more about their customer care support.

Additional Products

I’ve personally felt a bit slighted by the fiber world in terms of product options for crocheters specifically. Knitters have beautifully artistic brands that offer them gorgeous and fancy needles, bags, etc. However, crochet still seems to be stuck in the Dark Ages with products still primarily in the “traditional-style” category, as opposed to modern and trendy. Guys, Furls fixed that also. From beautiful leather bags and clutches, to smooth and sleek yarn bowls, to my all-time favorite, stunning collector boxes to store your artfully designed hooks in an elegant way. I finally feel like the tools I’m using everyday for a craft that means so much to me finally match. 

Final Thoughts

After having the opportunity to use Furls hooks heavily for the past 10 or so months, I am confident in saying that these things are the real deal. If you haven’t had the chance to touch, feel, play with or drool over these hooks in person, I definitely recommend you give them a try. Seriously.


Today is kind of a marvelous day. Wanna know why?! Two words : Rose. Gold.

I mean, as if Furls wasn't already my favorite... They have to go and create my literal dream-come-true hook that I'm drooling over beyond anything I can express. Made with a pearlescent white handle and a rose gold-plated hook tip, I'm just over here like "TAKE ALL OF MY MONEY AND DO NOT TELL MY HUSBAND." I literally cannot even. Like, not even remotely. Just look at these beauties!!!!

I can 100% guarantee you that these will sell out SO fast (probably because I'm ordering a whole entire set...), so be sure to visit the Furls website to snag a few now before they're gone and you have to wait for a restock! GO GO GO!

I hope I’ve left you at least interested in trying these products, but at the very least I hope you are left feeling inspired to make something today. Stay creative, my friends!



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