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Claire Goodale is the owner, designer, and maker behind E'Claire Makery. When she's not obsessing over yarn and coming up with patterns, you can find her out exploring, baking, watching superhero shows, and enjoying her newly married life with her husband Stephen. As a maker, her goal is to help people have no fear in making so that they can create the handmade items of their dreams.

Fur-Real Bolero Hybrid Pattern


Hi maker, my name is Claire Goodale and I'm the owner and designer of the crochet blog E'Claire Makery. I am so excited to be back on The Hook Nook Life Blog to share another pattern with you! Since I've last been on the blog, I've started to dive into the wonderful world of garment design. Somehow as a crocheter of 17 years I never thought that I would be able to actually make my own clothes and other wearables. Sure I could make a scarf, but a sweater or bolero, why never! That would be too hard. I learned how to make a sweater though last year, and since then I have been completely hooked on making garments. I designed my first garment around Christmas, and now I can never go back to not making them. They are so much fun!

All growing up I never actually felt completely comfortable with my sense of style, and always compared myself to others. The nerdy high school girl wearing sweatshirts and jeans everywhere she went would never be able to match the style of the popular girl who everyone was complimenting. So when I decided to design my own clothes, I will admit that I was really nervous. How could I do it? That's one of the things that I love about making your own clothes though: you can make your own style with any yarn or pattern that you choose! You don't have to match anyone else's and instead can make something you feel comfortable in.

Once I saw the new Go For Faux yarn from Lion Brand, I instantly had the idea to make a simple, beginner friendly garment that any skill level could make. In comes the Fur-Real Bolero! This garment is made from one rectangle where you sew the corners together to make the sleeves. Just make a square, sew it up, and wear it! It's that easy to make something that you can wear. It adds a stylish statement piece to any wardrobe that you can wear with a fancy dress, or even just a blouse and jeans. Plus it can be made in any super bulky yarn to be exactly the type of styled piece that you want. Now let's get started!

Sizes: S, (M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL)

Supply List:

3 skeins for sizes S & M, 4 skeins for sizes L & XL, and  5 skeins for 2XL, 3XL of Lion Brand Go For Faux in Chinchilla. Or you can use 1 skein Lion Brand Homespun Thick & Quick for sizes S, M, L & 2 skeins for XL, 2XL, 3XL

9mm crochet hook

Yarn Needle



R = Row

Ch = Chain

Dc = Double crochet

( ) = stitch or row count for other sizes


Gauge: 4” x 4” = 6 sts x 4 rows

Ch 2 does not count as a stitch

This pattern can be adjusted to any size that you want. Just measure the width from your shoulder to shoulder and chain 6 for every 4 inches needed.

Pattern: Fur-Real Bolero

R1: Ch 42 (46, 48, 48, 50, 52 ), starting in second ch from hook, dc 40 (44, 46, 46, 48, 50

R2: Ch 2 *does not count as stitch*, turn, dc 40 (44, 46, 46, 48, 50)

Repeat Row 2 till row 19(21, 22, 23, 24, 25) or until piece measures 16 (17, 17 ½, 18, 18.5, 19) inches


A. Fold the piece in half hot dog style with the short edge corners being folded together as pictured.

B. Thread yarn needle with scrap yarn and prepare to sew. Sew 5 stitches of the corners together on each side, to secure the corners. This creates the armholes for the bolero, and finishes the piece.

I hope you love this pattern as much as I do, and feel fabulous in it! If you like this pattern be sure to check out my other patterns in my Etsy or Ravelry shops. I also have a video podcast on my Youtube channel where I share tons of maker tips, as well as some fun free patterns and tutorials on my blog. I'd love to see what you make, so be sure to tag me @eclairemakery on social media!

Happy stitching!


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