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Megan DeVore loves empowering makers through her designs by providing inspiration and the satisfaction of being able to say, "I made this". Her blog, Megmade with Love, features all things yarn and crochet-- including free weekly patterns.

Free Tag Download, Made with Love


Hey there!! I’m Megan, and it is SO nice to be over here on Jessica’s new site (which by the way is this not the coolest thing?!). I own a little ol’ crochet blog/business called Megmade with Love, which I started just about a year ago. It’s been so fun to delve into running an online business this past year, and getting to do something that truly lights me up-- I am truly blessed! The fact that I get to do something that I enjoyed doing in my free time as a means of income is unreal. I’ve been crocheting since I was ten years old (thanks, Ma!), and I have a real appreciation for the craft. I like to create incredibly simple and unique designs on my blog, anything from sweaters to wall hangings. It really brings me joy to share them with others, and to have them be empowered by making something really cool with their own two hands.

For today’s post, I thought I’d offer free downloads for these precious little product tags. They feature the sayings, “I made this for ya ‘cause I love you” and “handmade with love”. And of course I can’t forget about the yarn heart!

I printed these tags out at my library using various colors of cardstock-type paper. I love the pink one though because it looks so romantic! And also, the brown one goes with everything and looks professional.

Once their all printed up you’ll cut them out, I chose to cut a little bit outside of the line all the way around.

Then you’ll hole punch the top if you’re connecting the tag to a product. I used another yarn I had lying around to tie the tag on, but jute would be so cute!

And that’s it! Once your tags are attached, you have added the perfect finishing touch to your handmade goody…

I hope these cuties make their way onto your products. :) Below are the two links to each of the tag downloads..

Download Handmade with love - here

Download I made this for you ‘cause I love you - here

Thank you so much for having me, it was so fun making these tags. If you add some of these tags to your makes, I wanna see them in action! Tag Jessica @the.hook.nook and me @megmadewithlove on Instagram! I love connecting with other incredible makers (because we makers are all incredible, right??)

Take care and happy making,


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