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Angie is the Designer and creator behind Whistle and Wool. She enjoys creating everyday pieces that are not just comfortable to wear, but have an enjoyable process to make. Always inspired by things around her, whether it's the Fall season or grey moody skies, they all play a little part in every design.

Eton Fur Scarf Crochet Pattern


Hello! My name is Angie, I am the Designer behind Whistle and Wool.  I was taught to Knit and Crochet as a little girl and it was something I instantly loved and has always been a constant form of creativity for me all these years later.  On a cold and rainy English day while visiting my Gran, she taught me something that would forever remind me of her and inspire me for many years after.  This love for yarn and crafting skill was further taught to me from my Mum. Down to this day, we always enjoy getting together to knit.

Now that I’m a Mom of 3, it has been exciting to pass on all the wonderful crafts taught to me, and seeing how it likewise inspires them to find something they enjoy. There is something so exciting about knowing “I made that”.  

Getting into designing felt like such a natural and happy fit for me.  Even when I was little, I enjoyed putting my own spin on whatever I wanted to create. I often feel inspired by my family, the weather, so many things around me really. I gravitate towards chunky yarns as I just love the cozy squish factor. I find that if a yarn slides off my hook and needles, and feels good to work with, it will be even more enjoyable to wear. I like knowing that the joy I found in the making process carries over to the finished product, making it special to me. All the designs I create are something I have found joy in making and I wanted to share with others, who likewise share this love for yarn.  

As a fond reminder of my Mum and Gran who taught me this craft, I name all of my designs after a locale in the U.K.  Either a location I have visited with my family throughout the years and have fond memories of, or somewhere our adventures have yet to take us!  

I think it’s awesome to find so many who love this timeless art and are constantly growing and being inspired by it, so I hope you  enjoy this Pattern as much as I do. Thank you!


A bit of History behind the name:

The land that is now Eton once belonged to the manor of Queen Edith, wife of Edward the Confessor. The land was appropriated by the Normans after 1066.

In 1440, Henry VI chose Eton as the location for his new college, Eton College. All of the land immediately around the hamlet was granted to the college, which stopped further growth. The new college chapel made the village a pilgrimage point, and inns were set up along the high street. Henry VI gave the college the right to hold fairs on its grounds.

During the English Civil War, after Windsor Castle was captured by parliamentarian forces, the Royalist army moved into Eton and attempted to retake the town, occupying the college. Efforts to retake Windsor were unsuccessful and the royalists eventually fled.

For more history behind the name visit :


This scarf has a fun play between two different textures adding to its easy style. It works up very quick and easy, perfect for any crochet skill level.  

Chain doesn’t count as a stitch throughout the pattern.

For this pattern when you start a new color, leave at least a 7 inch tail, these will become part of your tassels

 **Please check your gauge before you start this Pattern:  A swatch for Gauge is very important. It does take a few minutes to do but it ensures that the finished size of your piece will match the sizes given in the pattern. A change in your stitches per inch can affect your overall length measurements.  A difference in your Rows, can affect your width for this piece.

*Start with the suggested hook size:

If your swatch per inches is larger, then you need to swatch again using a smaller hook.

If your swatch per inches is smaller, then you need to swatch again using a larger hook.

Getting a close and accurate swatch will get you to the exact measurements given for the pattern.

Pattern Size

Adult, one size

Skill Level


What you need

Lionbrand Yarn:

Wool Ease Thick and Quick, 106 yrds

Skeins: 2, Color “A” in Slate

Go for Faux, 64yrds

Skeins: 1, Color “B” in Grey Wolf

Hook: Clover Amour, Q (15 mm)  

Large-eyed blunt Needle (Seaming & Weaving in your ends)


In Color A, hdc stitch

5 stitches = 4 inches

1 hdc row = ¾ of an inch

Due to the different textures, gauge was simplest to swatch in this form.

Finished measurements

L= 75 inches, will stretch slightly when worn

W= Approx. 8.5 inches

Stitches to Know

Standard American Terms

Hdc: Half Double Crochet

Sc:  Single Crochet

st(s)- Stitches

Creating a Tassel

Step 1: Fold your cut yarn piece in half, insert your hook into the edge of the scarf, and pull up the loop. (PIC 1)

Step 2: Now pull the ends through the loop, and tighten the tassel, to secure them.(PIC 2)

Step 3. Repeat for all of the tassels.


Starting Ch doesn’t count as a stitch throughout this pattern

For this pattern when you start a new color, leave at least a 7 inch tail, these will become part of your tassels

Starting with Color A

Ch 95

Row 1: Starting in 2nd ch from hook, hdc94

-94 sts

Row 2: ch1, turn, hdc row

Color B

Row 3: ch1, turn, sc row

Color A

Row 4-5: repeat row 2

Color B

Row 6-7: repeat row 3

Color A

Row 8-9: repeat row 2

Color B

Row 10: repeat row 3

Color A

Row 11-12: repeat row 2

Cut yarn, only weave this end in to secure it. No need to weave in the other ends, they’ll become part of the tassels.

Continue to Tassels


Cut 20 inch pieces for tassels: 20 in Color A, 8 in Color B.

Working on the short ends of the Scarf, begin to add all of the tassels in Colors A and B.

I attached them to coordinate with the same “Color” of the row. Adding a few extra wherever I felt it necessary. Or mix and match, have fun!

When you have a yarn tail by it, pull that through your tassel loop also, to secure it into the tassels.

See “Stitches to Know” for a Tassel tutorial.

When all of the tassels have been added, trim the ends to make them even, or leave them as is for a fun casual look.

Steam block tassels.

Voila! You’re done!


***This Pattern is a copyright of Whistle and Wool© so You may not Copy alter, adjust, share, record, redistribute or resell my Pattern. No tutorials or any kind of demonstrations may be made using any information contained in my Pattern. I do not mind if you wish to sell a completed HANDMADE item and you are a small independently owned business, however, You do not have permission to use any of my photos. If you do sell a completed item, please list credit of the design belonging to me, Whistle and Wool and a link to my shop.

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