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DIY Handmade Crochet Dish Cloth Pattern


Hi, friends!!

I’m back again this month with a super fun project I worked on with the help from my friends at JOANN Stores! I have been in complete and total HOUSE mode as we prepare to relocate our little family into a new nest. In the process, we have purged and simplified and I was really aching for some more reusable dish cloths because not only are they kind of super functional, but they are also just so cute draped over the kitchen sink!!

For these incredibly easy dish cloths, I chose to use Lion Brand 24/7 Cotton Yarn because not only was it 100% cotton which works great for dish cloths, but I also love how “sturdy” this product is - definitely durable enough to withstand longterm and rough use! Plus, it comes in SUCH beautiful colors!! Perfect way to add a pop of color to your decor!

This project is not only beginner-friendly, but is great for seasoned crocheters as well due to using the Moss Stitch which helps give the project a bit of diversity in terms of stitches so it’s not just monotonous stitches over and over which may become repetitive and make this project end up in your “WIP” (work-in-progress) basket and never actually be touched ever again despite your best intentions. ;)

(Don’t worry, I have a few TUBS of these types of projects - you are FAR from alone, ha!)

You ready to get started on this fun and easy project?! I mean, come on… think of all of the great gift bundles of handmade dish cloths you can give your friends and loved ones! I mean, I would be FAR from mad if someone made me a set of handmade dish cloths… BE THAT FRIEND!!

Let’s get started!

This is a personal blog. All editorial content and projects are intellectual property of Jessica Carey, designer of The Hook Nook. This post was sponsored by JOANN Stores but all ideas and opinions are my own.



-sts : stitches

-CH : chain

-Sl St : slip stitch

-SC : single crochet

-DC : double crochet


CH 27

  1. Starting in 2nd CH from hook, [SC, DC] in first two sts. Repeat [ ] across. (26)
  2. CH 1, turn. [SC, DC] in first two sts. Repeat [ ] across. (26)
  3. Repeat Step 2 until your piece measures approximately 7.5” tall.
  4. Finish off, weave in ends

Ta da!! Such a fun and easy project!! What colors will YOU choose?!

I hope you love this project as much as I have and I can’t wait to see your dish cloths!!!

Share your progress online and use hashtags #handmadewithjoann, #cricutmade and #thehooknookers so share with our communities! Be sure to follow along with me on Instagramand sign up for my newsletter to see more fun inspiration and stay in the loop with what’s to come! Thank you to my friends at JOANN Stores and Cricut for helping me create such a fun project!

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