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DIY Friendsgiving Party for Adults & Kids!


This year sure has gone by fast! I can't even believe that we are back at the holiday season once again but, honestly, it's a welcomed season in this realm of chaos.

I know that our holiday celebrations may look a bit different this year and many of us will be breaking bread with a different group of people than in years past. I wanted to surprise my kids with a fun Friendsgiving party with the small "pod" of kids that we have been getting together with over the last few months, as well as treat the mamas with some decadent indulgence.

My friend, Brittany (I've known her since 7th grade!), and I worked together to create a fun party to welcome in this cozy season. I have to say, I am super proud of the end result and I was STUFFED while tidying up afterwards. Yes yes, the food was PRIME but the decor was what really escalated the experience and really felt like a nice change of pace from our usual chicken nuggets and french fries.

Lately I haven't been crocheting as much as I typically do as it tends to make my eyes tired and leads to a (happily accepted) nap, but because of that, I can't get more than a couple rows done before I start to drift off to the dreamworld where laundry folds itself and craft supplies regenerate themselves. You dream those things, too, right??

This is a personal blog. All editorial content and projects are intellectual property of Jessica Carey, designer of The Hook Nook. This post was sponsored by JOANN Stores but all ideas and opinions are my own.

Let’s do this!

Every week, another family and ours take turn hosting the kids so they can socialize and both of us moms (who work from home) can get a little bit of undistracted work time. Mainly the only snacks we want to get are for ourselves for a couple hours a week... and maybe to use the restroom without being asked 6859037639048503 questions. Maybe.


I knew I wanted to make a special treat for the adults where we could ignore the crazy, the meltdowns, the chores, the meetings, the utter involvement that daily life requires. Brittany and I collaborated on items we had on hand, as well as getting some awesome details at our local JOANN Store.

For the adult table, we set dreamy place settings using items we've had stashed away (because, you know, having small kids you don't typically make your table all fancy unless you're having people over.. don't @ me). I found some darling tulle with gold polka dots and used it to tie the silverware together.

Goodness, it was so much fun setting this space up! I found bagged artificial leaves, artificial corn-in-husk, and mini pumpkins at JOANN. I also found that DARLING pot with lid and gold handle (seen in the center of the charcuterie board) there as well and am actually beyond excited to be able to use it throughout the entire holiday season, and not just for Friendsgiving and Thanksgiving! Score!!!

The food was just really good and super beautiful and I don't get to see pretty setups like that often so deal with the fact that I overly documented the deliciousness. It was actually awesome because my husband came home from work while we were enjoying the charcuterie board and joined us. It was such a SERIOUSLY awesome afternoon and I know I need to repeat these little indulgences more often. This day was SUCH a treat!!

OKAY, yes, the adult table may have selfishly been my favorite, but seeing how excited the kids were for their setup significantly outweighs the delicious food. I mean, seriously.. CHECK THIS OUT!!

We had so much fun letting the kids have some yummy treats and small crafts to enjoy while spending time giggling about the things kids giggle about.

I used the artificial leaves and corn in this space as well to tie in the theme and different tables. I also found fall-themed sprinkles for baking but thought it would be fun to use as confetti. It was actually adorable because I often saw each of the kids "sneak" some sprinkles while they colored and painted. I must say, I think I reallyyyyy liked using sprinkles instead of actual confetti - way easier to clean up.

I love grabbing some small and easy kids' crafts for the kids to do once in awhile, and when I found these mini ceramic paint kits, I knew the kids would love them! They are so cute, I found both boy and girl scarecrows and a piece of pie! So cute. It was fun to watch how the kids painted theirs and, no, none of them did anything sensical -hahahahahahah. They were ROLLING in laughter about the who had the craziest design!

Honestly, this opportunity to be creative, festive and do something different with our day was so refreshing. So much is going in within our world in so many different capacities, it's important to reel it in sometimes and focus on what is in front of you and be grateful for those things, instead of being consumed with everything else all the time.

One of my favorite things to do in the transition of seasons and holidays is to visit my local JOANN Store to pick up an item (or few) to welcome in the new perspective. Each year of doing this has accumulated to a collection of items for each season that all were chosen with intent. Combining the collective decor with the handmade items my kids bring home from school, it's always so fun to change up our "nest" a few times a year and reminisce memories through the seasonal decor.

I hope each of you are able to choose to view this abnormal holiday season in a perspective of gratefulness and care. Seasons are temporary, as is life. Today is a gift even when it's painful. Sending hugs and prayers to every single one of you!

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