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Darsi Gilani is a knit and crochet designer from Sacramento, California. Her love for the fiber arts began shortly after graduating from college when she felt the strong desire to take up a creative hobby. The main focus of her craft is creating stylish accessories for the modern yarn enthusiast. When she’s not buried in yarn Darsi spends time with her husband and their dog and cat. Living in northern California means she’s treated to beautiful weather and outdoor spaces. She can often be found outside running, hiking, or playing with yarn on the patio. She shares her knit and crochet patterns on her blog, Darsi Stitches.

Crochet Scallop Necklace Pattern


Hi there, Hook Nookers! The name is Darsi, and I’m thrilled to have my crochet scallop necklace featured on the THN Life! This project combines two of my favorite activities: crochet and jewelry making.

Before we get in to the project, let me tell you a little bit more about myself. My love affair with yarn began shortly after I graduated from college. I earned my degree in Environmental Science while working in an air quality analysis laboratory. Lab work is very tedious so naturally I began to crave a creative outlet. I was gifted my first pair of knitting needles as a graduation present and the rest was history. I taught myself to knit using the wonders of YouTube. Soon after, I came out as "bi-stitchual" and started crocheting as well.

I’m a California girl, born and raised. My roots are planted in Sacramento where I live with my husband and our dog and cat. I love everything that Northern California has to offer. You can often find me outdoors running, hiking, or playing with yarn on the patio. I've done all sorts of projects over the years, but my current focus has been creating trendy accessories for the modern day yarn enthusiast. I proudly share my patterns and projects on my blog, Darsi Stitches.

In addition to knit and crochet, I also dabble in jewelry making. For this project I mixed metal chain and yarn to create a unique necklace. Using fingering weight yarn and a 2.0 mm crochet hook, I began by single crocheting around the links of a necklace chain. I built upon these stitches by using the scallop stitch, which my absolute favorite stitch! I then added a simple lobster clasp to the chain and just like that, the necklace was ready to wear.

My favorite thing about this necklace is that it creates a statement, but is still subtle enough to wear daily. It’s guaranteed to add the perfect touch to all of your summer outfits. It’s also a very quick project, so you’ll have plenty of time to create a necklace in all of your favorite colors!

Supply List

Yarn: I used “Bonbons” by Lion Brand Yarn, 100% cotton, Fine (Size 2). I used less than half of one “Bonbon” for each necklace.

Size B (2.0mm) crochet hook

16 inch curb chain: I used “Gold Curb Chain Spool” by Bead Landing, removing a 16 inch piece from the spool.

6.0mm jump rings (2 of them): I used “Jump Rings, Gold Finish” by Bead Landing

12.0mm lobster clasp: I used “Gold Lobster Claw Clasp” by Bead Landing

Round nose pliers: I used “Round Nose Pliers” by Bead Landing

Tape measure

Tapestry needle

Stitch marker



SC = single crochet

DC = double crochet

St = stitch

Sk1 = skip 1 stitch

YO = yarn over


Using a tape measure, find the chain link that is 5 inches from the left side of the chain. Place a stitch marker on the link.

With your yarn, create a slip knot and place it on the crochet hook. Create a single crochet stitch around the chain link: Insert the hook through the link marked with the stitch marker and place the working yarn on top of the link. *YO. Pull yarn through the link towards you. YO. Pull through two loops on the hook.*

Insert hook in to the next link on the chain and place working on top of the link. Repeat *. Continue with one SC in each link until there are 29 st total. Note: Do not pull stitches too tight around the chain. Make sure the chain continues to lay flat as you are creating your stitches.

Turn work. Begin working the scallop stitch: *SC. Sk1. 6 DC in one st. Sk 1.* Repeat * 7 times, ending with a SC. Cut and tie off yarn. Use a tapestry needle to weave in ends. Remove stitch marker.

Finishing the Necklace

Using round nose pliers, open one jump ring and link it to one end of the necklace chain. Close jump ring with pliers.

Open the second jump ring and place it through the small loop at the bottom of the lobster clasp. Link jump ring and lobster clasp to the opposite end of the necklace chain. Close jump ring with pliers.

Use the lobster clasp to fasten the necklace around your neck. Now go out in to the world and flaunt your new crochet accessory!

My hope for this project is that it inspires you to create more jewelry, even better if it incorporates a bit of yarn! I would love to see you rocking your crochet scallop necklace. Be sure to tag me on Instagra and check out the rest of my work on the Darsi Stitches blog.

A huge thanks to Jessica and the rest of THN crew for the opportunity to contribute my project to the blog.


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