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Nicole is the Artist and Creator behind Native Stardust. She is inspired by nature and hiking, and loves stitching away in the ridges, trees and waters of southern Indiana. You can often find her hula hoop dancing to her favorite rock or hip hop, or watching a gore filled horror flick in her home fiber studio. Its full of music and movie memorabilia, posters, masks, vinyl records, VHS/cassette tapes, and action figures she's collected over the years, and of course yarn!

Bean Blossom Bag Crochet Pattern


Hello from the heartland of the Midwest! I'm Nicole of Native Stardust, a fiber company created in 1996. I learned crochet at 11, by my teenage years I had started to make and sell hemp necklaces. My love of yarn transformed over the years as I made for my children, family, friends, and myself of course.  I've always enjoyed the challenge of a pattern that pushed me to learn new skills, stitches, and tricks to the trade. I taught myself to knit in my early 20's and never looked back. Creating is something I've always loved, and have been lucky to meet amazing fellow makers and creators along the way. We are all natives of this earth, and we are all made up of the same stardust, this is how Native Stardust was born. I'm honored to share a bit more about myself here with you today.

I have an avid love for the outdoors, which is always a heavy inspiration to my work.  I'll take my current WIP out to the woods, find a nice sunny spot, and stitch away the time. Here in southern Indiana we have a large variety of topography to explore, rolling hills, hollers, and high ridges that are like small mountains. We have caves, natural springs, waterfalls, and vistas that are nothing short of breathtaking.  Our most recent trip was to the Bean Blossom Bottoms Nature Preserve, near my hometown here in Bloomington, Indiana. The entire 2 mile walkway is covered with boardwalks over marshes, ponds, and through gorgeous trees and fields. It can get muddy and messy out there, and I always need my camera and water handy. Oh, and of course, a few snacks!

Hook Nookers, I introduce to you the Bean Blossom Bag! Small, comfy and chic, this little bag is ready to hit the road with you this summer. Whatever your plans are, this fringed and striped look is sure to be a staple in your wardrobe. Let's get to stitchin, shall we?

Supply List

150 yards of Caron Simply Soft by Yarnspirations in Bone for your Main Color

50 yards of Caron Simply Soft by Yarnspirations in Red

50 yards of Caron Simply Sofy by Yarnspirations in White

Substitute with a Weight 4 worsted weight yarn

Crochet Hook Size J-10/6mm


Tapestry Needle


CH: Chain

CHSP: Chain Space

ST: Stitch

SC: Single Crochet

HDC: Half Double Crochet

MC: Main Color

C1: Color One

C2: Color Two


13ST X 15 ROWS=4"


Your Bean Blossom Bag will be made holding the yarn DOUBLE STRANDED.

You'll be working the Front Panel of this project first. The Back Panel is made second, as you'll be attaching it directly to the Front Panel without cutting the yarn.

Front Panel

With MC held double stranded, CH 21.

Row 1 SC in second CH SP from hook, SC 19, CH 1, Turn. (20SC)

Row 2 SC in each of next 20 ST, CH 1, Turn. (20SC)

Rows 3-8 Repeat Row 2, for a total of 6 more rows (20SC)

You will now be using Color One and Color Two, held double stranded for your alternating stripes.

Rows 9-10 With C1, SC 20 ST, CH 1, Turn. (20SC)

Rows 11-12 With C2, SC 20 ST, CH 1, Turn. (20SC)

Rows 13-14 Repeat Rows 9-10

Rows 15-16 Repeat Rows 11-12

Rows 13-28 Continue in alternating colors every 2 rows until you complete 28 rows total.

Row 29 SC 15, CH 3, Skip the next 3 ST, SC 2, CH 1, Turn. (20SC)

Row 30 SC 2, SC 3 in CH3 SP made in previous row, SC 15, cut yarn, tie off, weave in ends. (20SC)

Back Panel

With MC, CH 21

Row 1 SC in second CH SP from hook, SC 19, CH 1, Turn. (20SC)

Row 2 SC 20 ST, CH 1, Turn. (20SC)

Rows 3-28 Repeat Row 2

Row 29 SC 15, CH 3, Skip next 3 ST, SC 2, CH 1, Turn. (20SC)

Row 30 SC 2, SC 3 in CH3 SP made in previous row, SC 15, CH1, DO NOT TURN, DO NOT CUT YARN. (20SC)

Now we're going to attach the Front Panel to the Back Panel, making sure your strap holes are on opposite side of one another. Line both pieces up, pull up your working loop from the Back Panel you just finished, through to the Front Panel, SC 1. SC all the way around evenly continuing to attach the panels together with your SC ST, cut yarn, tie off, weave in ends.


With MC, CH 152.

Row 1 HDC in third CH SP from hook, HDC 149 ST, leave a long tail to sew strap to bag.

Attach your straps with a tapestry needle, cut yarn, weave in ends.

Take that same yarn and wrap around the base of the strap to give it a finished look. Cut yarn, and weave in ends.

*Feel free to drape the foundation chain on your shoulders to check your preferred length, you may want to make an adjustment for yourself. Keep in mind the weight of a few items will add to that length  as it stretches the strap a bit.


With MC, cut approximately 48, 16" pieces for your fringe. You can use a variety of items to wrap your yarn and cut it all at once. Any cardboard or book works great, I used a coloring book to cut mine. With your yarn cut, strand 2 pieces together through each of the SC on the bottom of your bag. Steam and trim your yarn.

I hope you've enjoyed stitching up your new Bean Blossom Bag as much as I did! I'm beyond proud to be a Hook Nooker among all of my favorite folks in this beautiful fiber family! Thanks so very much for being such an inclusive, and inspiring community for me to find my tribe of fellow artisans and beautifully creative humans. Make sure to tag me in your work under #BeanBlossomBag or #NativeStardust so I can see and share your colors and makes!

I'm just a click away if you'd like to connect with me, I'd love to hear from you! You can find contact me directly at, check out the website, blog, and subscribe to my newsletter at https://NativeStarDust.Co.  Follow me on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.

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