Shannon Eckler

Shannon Eckler is a crochet designer and fiber artist in Syracuse, NY. Crochet started as a hobby for Shannon, but has now become a passion. Shannon’s inspiration comes from texture, beautiful fiber, and earth toned colors. Shannon loves to design cool crochet garments that are simple to make, inspired by her own personal style, and are oh so cozy & cute! Shannon has found an artist outlet in crochet, creating Yarn Bombs in her city that express her imagination and spirit, and continues to pursue her artistic talents.

Balancing Passions with The Hook Nook


Hey everyone! I’m Shannon, also known as @shannoncreates_ , THN Dream Team Member, and Crochet Queen! Crochet to me has always been a big step to self discovery and finding my passions. It has made me a hard worker, and has opened doors for me I never thought possible. However, crochet is not my only passion, by day I work full time supporting those who are trying to live enriched, independent lives, and have an extremely busy work schedule.

My work day consists of making calls, answering questions, reviewing documentation, and doing miscellaneous office tasks related to my job. Finding time to live out my other passion of pattern writing and working yarn through my fingers can be difficult, but is important to always be prepared when I find time to crochet.

Since I am always in a constant rush or flexing my hours with my job (a luxury I am lucky to have), I usually am bringing all my crochet stuff with me. When I was first given the product list from Jessica in regards to her AMAZING product line, there were two products that I knew I had to have and would be game changers in my daily life.Those being the Notions Kit and The Hook Nook Bag! Not only do both these products feel so squishy and come matching in a beautiful gray, they help increase my productivity when it comes to being a busy maker.

The Notions Kit is  perfect because I am notorious for being that maker who forgets their hook, or is digging in their bag looking for their scissors.The kit comes with markers, needles, retractable tape measure, and scissors which is perfect for someone like me who needs to be organized. Being able to reach in my bag, have an easy to use tape measure when creating gauge and a place to store my hook makes it easier to work on designs on the go! It is also wonderful as an emergency kit at markets or even a wallet if needed (yes I did this at my most recent market!).

Okay, now let’s talk about the bag. The bag I am completely obsessed with and  is so perfect for so many reasons… I am a girl who loves cute things, bags and purses especially. I like to have room for all my things… I like to say it’s just that I like to be prepared, but who knows:) Anyways, the bag is so soft and lightweight, with it’s sturdy leather straps it is perfect for holding all the things you need! I am able to pack my bag full of all my squishy soft yarn (I had 5 skeins of yummy in this thing!), my laptop and notebook, then put it in my car and be ready to work on any project in between meetings or after work without worrying I forgot something! It has slots on the inside for smaller hooks or pens, a big zipper pocket, and smaller pockets for your lip balm or loose change! This bag is definitely my go to when bringing my project with me and is so pretty it will replace your day to day purse!

By day I manage about 30 families, and by night/weekends I am a maker. The biggest lesson I have learned about being a maker who also balances a full time job is that it is important to appreciate your time. It is important to recognize what work needs to be completed and try to become as efficient as possible when it comes to managing your time. For me, that means making to-do lists for both my FT job and my crochet. A day in the life of Shannon involves working on office work and “real work” until about dinner time, then beginning Shannon Creates work which may involve writing Instagram posts, filming crochet, making beanies for market prep, typing patterns, design, etc until bedtime. Sometimes I feel like a workaholic and that I am always just go, go, go… Especially because for me, my full time job must take priority. Although crochet is my passion, it is important to recognize my career is just as important. Balance can be hard. It can be hard to work on things like paperwork when you have a beautiful project sitting in front of you that you just want running through your fingers. Time can be frustrating, but it is important to give yourself time. Things do not happen overnight, and good things will always come… It may be a week instead of a day, a year instead of a month, but if you keep working consistently things will come. That has been the most frustrating thing that I have come to recognize with balancing both.

Recognizing what good things are in your life and to not focus on the negative. I feel very lucky because I love what I do and I have found a great community who supports me in what I do. My loyal followers push me to want to release more beautiful designs, local community members who purchase my beanies during markets make me want to create more, and the appreciation from my families I serve in my full time job make it more than just a paycheck, but a passion as well. All these things combined really make it simple to keep doing more, therefore when people ask how I balance it all…. It is easy to answer because I love it and I love sharing that feeling. There is a quote, “Whatever you do, do it for you.” And those are words to live by. Yes, it can be frustrating being busy all the time, but also taking time for yourself; to rest… to relax… to eat a whole pizza alone while watching Disney+ ( maybe that’s just some of us:) ) Just always remind yourself of your accomplishments, to always do what feels good to you, and to recognize those who appreciate and help you on this journey.

I wouldn’t be where I am today, in crochet or the confidence I feel towards myself without help. I have had so many amazing supports that have helped get me to this point. From my amazing pattern testers… to my photographer, Antonio who captures all these amazing moments and creations for me, it has really inspired me to become the crochet designer I want to be.

I cannot wait to share more with you, to learn more about you, and keep up with this amazing community! Stay tuned for all the cute & cozy things to come!

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