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8 Cozy Essentials For The Winter Season


During the winter, shifting temperatures and weather patterns tend to completely change the ways we want to dress. Unfortunately most of us still have to be out and about fairly frequently (even if we'd rather curl up by a fire with a good book and some hot cocoa), and this means finding ways to stay warm without sacrificing style. Naturally, for the most part, this means breaking out your bulky outerwear and covering up to whatever extent necessary. But there are also some little things you can do - sometimes with some creative help from your own hands - to stay cozy and add stylish accents throughout the winter.

Here are eight essential picks for the winter season ahead:


In the winter, it’s common for your feet to feel absolutely freezing, due to the body’s natural response to restrict blood flow to the extremities in order to keep your vital organs warm. This is great news for your heart, but your poor toes do suffer! An easy way to combat this is to wear thick socks. In particular, we're looking to adorable crochet slipper socks designed by Rachel Misner of EvelynAndPeter that can keep your feet and lower legs warm and which look irresistible. You can wear them (or any like them) underneath boots, lounging around your apartment, or even to bed.


Cowl scarves are arguably among the more stylish winter accessories you can buy (or make) - and the most versatile. They come in all sorts of specific textures, styles, and colors, which means in our book it might actually be better to stock up on a few of them to pair with different outfits - though Portland-based designer Hailey Bailey's design is a particularly lovely one to start with.


Moving past accessories, you really need to invest in a nice hooded jacket for everyday wear to survive the winter. Some fashionistas may reject this particular sort of outerwear, as it can sometimes look a bit bulky, or simply too casual. There's no shortage of options out there though, and plenty of them are sleeker alternatives to the standard, bulkier option. With a lighter hooded jacked you'll look chic and feel insulated at the same time. We thought Columbia's "Mighty" women's thermal hooded jacket was a nice example, and so, apparently, did more than 1,000 reviewers.


Flannel shirts are timeless, comfortable pieces that can be dressed up or dressed down, and which will always keep you nice and warm. They're also more forgiving in some cases, which can be handy during a winter season during which many of us are a little more indulgent. Woman Within's lineup of flannel shirts features a variety of cute colors and styles, and embodies the brand's commitment to inclusive sizing. They make for excellent winter options for those who don't want to sacrifice comfort while enjoying the season and looking stylish.


These boots may not be necessary for everyone, but those who live in areas more susceptible to winter weather know it's rather precarious to walk on icy ground. In order not to slip, it’s best to wear snow boots with good traction - but they can still be stylish. You can never go wrong with a classic pair of Dr. Marten's Jadon 8 Eye Boots. The timeless boot adds a little edge to any look and always looks cool.


While gloves are a major necessity during the colder months, they are restrictive - particularly in that they make it impossible to send a text message or check a notification on your touchscreen phone. Granted, there are all sorts of different gloves these days that advertise their ability to interact with touchscreens, but most of them are still somewhat of a pain to deal with. Inverness Fingerless Gloves (designed by Marialena Karofili) will remain one of our favorite picks. This is a wonderful crochet project to work on this season!


If you want to keep your ears and head warm in colder weather, but you're not one for hats, a cozy headband can become one of your true go-to accessories for the season. You can get anything from pricey piece adorned with a designer brand name to something on the sportier side. An adorable design from Kendra Ann of KnittyVet strikes a balance somewhere in the middle though, and shows the potential for you to make a headband one of your favorite winter garments.


On the other hand, if you do want to opt for a full hat, a go-to, everyday beanie is always a good winter wardrobe option. Not only are beanies nice and toasty - they're also just about always on trend. This is in part because you can always find them in natural colors that will go with any outfit. Though of course you can always find a more original option as well, if you want to make it more of a statement piece. Grab some of your favorite solid-color or variegated yarn and make your very own Moodie Beanie (designed by Jessica Carey) this weekend! Perfect to make for gifts, markets, or yourself!

Stay cozy this chilly season - you know I will be!



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