Ever since sixth grade I have always loved words, writing, grammar and all that encompasses literature. In high school I completed college level courses to further myself in the journalism world thinking that was where I wanted my future to hold. As much as love crochet, writing is right up there on that same level. The fact that I have officially reached a point in my life (and business!) to start blogging is so incredibly exciting for me. Communicating with you all through Instagram is so much fun, but there are so many times where I can't quite explain all of my new ideas, new collaborations, answer questions I receive so often, and so much more.

Welcome to the space that offers me to do just that.

So much has been going on lately! It's been such a rollercoaster to get to this point right here, right now. Creating my website definitely had some frustrating moments (thank you, Nicole/@miskunn for all you've done for me to get here!) but the fact that it is officially live and active is a truly proud moment for me! So many of you have websites for your business, no matter the size. I've always put it off due to already feeling overwhelmed, not being even remotely tech savvy and just overall not feeling confident in myself to even have one at all. Again, this moment gives me pride.

So many amazing things have happened in 2016 for myself, my family and my business. Sure, I've had more than my fair share of less-than-ideal moments, but as my Nana reminds me, there is always something good in all of the bad. This year we've been fortunate to sell our first home in a day, purchase our "forever home", celebrate the one year anniversary of my husband's tattoo shop, have the more than amazing opportunity to have my nana and papa move to Oregon to be closer to us, I was able to attend the 2016 Our Maker Life conference and meet SO MANY amazing ladies and gentleman in our little crochet and knit community, I surpassed 5,000 sales on Etsy, surpassed 50K following on Instagram and SO much more. This was a year of growth for my family. I'm so sad to see this year come to a close, but gosh, I am BEYOND excited to announce some amazing things coming up soon.

Thank you to ALL of you who have been around supporting me since the beginning or even if you just found me yesterday. I am so absolutely fortunate to have the support and encouragement from each of you and from each of the other businesses I have the wonderful opportunity of working with. Despite the low moments, my life is such a blessing and I will always remember that. Never in a million years would I have ever expected such a gift as this. So thank you. So very much.

Jessica <3