A lot of been going on over these last few months and I may as well use this opportunity of the kids playing nicely upstairs to share a few things with you!

1. The most incredible thing that has happened to me so far is signing a contract with Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores to blog once a month for them on their Creative Spark page. There are so many reasons why working directly with this company is special to me, including the fact that Nana (my favorite human) and I sneak away there on dates together. It's also the place she told me I'd be in a magazine one day and I laughed at her, except this last visit we made together was spent gathering the supplies I needed for my first blog contribution for them as well as purchasing a magazine I was, indeed, featured in. 💕 I couldn't be more elated.

2. I had the amazing opportunity to work with an amazing team last weekend to photograph some of my recent designs and it sparked something major in me. It was an INCREDIBLE feeling seeing my pieces worn in the ways they were intended to be worn. Playing photo shoot director was so much fun and I absolutely want to do it again. Slots for my next shoot will be available soon! I just want to wait for the rest of the photos so I can share some more to showcase the potential of what we have to offer.

3. I have so many ideas and so much yarn that I've focused quite a bit on completing these ideas and haven't exactly written patterns/kept notes to go along with them. I love offering patterns for each of you to try and for you to feel proud of yourselves but you may notice that I won't have patterns for everything simply due to the fact that my maker heart loves making most of the time and writing out patterns limits the time yarn is in my hands. Plus consider the fact that I have two kids, a husband, a house and friends to also try and squeeze time in for.

Basically, life is good. I'm healthy. I'm doing something I love.

Jessica <3